How much is The Wiz album?

How much is The Wiz album?

With a musical comes music – in this case, a two-record original motion-picture soundtrack that may not have cost $35 million, but at $14.98 list is right up there with the most expensive double albums ever sold.

How old was Michael Jackson in The Wiz?

He, too, began to pay attention to Jackson. When it came time for the Scarecrow part, Michael stepped to the microphone and began to sing, not the bright-sounding Michael Jackson of “I Want You Back” but the 18-year-old MJ whose voice had evolved into something as smooth and powerful as the Concorde.

Who wrote the songs for The Wiz?

Quincy Jones
Charlie SmallsAnthony Jackson
The Wiz/Music composed by

Who wrote ease on down the road?

Charlie Smalls
Ease On Down the Road/Composers

How much money did it cost to make the Wiz?

24 million USD
The Wiz/Budget

What happened to Nobody Beats the Wiz?

But in 1997 Nobody Beats the Wiz went bankrupt. By 2003 its stores had disappeared altogether.

What Wizard of Oz did Michael Jackson play in?

the Scarecrow
Michael portrayed the Scarecrow in the 1978 movie version of The Wiz. He was 20 years of age when he portrayed the scarecrow.

Who played Dorothy in The Wiz on Broadway?

Diana Ross begged Motown to play Dorothy in ‘The Wiz’ However, Harris decided to leave The Wiz before it made it to the Broadway stage. In 1975, Mills was cast as Dorothy. The then-17-year-old singer originated the character and starred alongside Phylicia Rashad, Tiger Haynes, and Hinton Battle.

What is the meaning of ease on down the road?

The song is about overcoming any obstacles they may face along the way and maintaining a positive attitude as they “ease on down the road.” This was written by Charlie Smalls, who composed the score and most of the songs from The Wiz.

What genre is ease on down the road?

Ease on Down the Road

“Ease on Down the Road”
Genre R&B, soul, disco
Length 3:54 (single version) 6:06 (disco version)
Label MCA
Songwriter(s) Charlie Smalls