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How old is a Galaxy S4?

How old is a Galaxy S4?

Samsung Galaxy S4

Galaxy S4 in White
Compatible networks show List
First released April 27, 2013
Units sold 40 million sold in the first 6 months
Predecessor Samsung Galaxy S III

Is the Galaxy S4 4G?

One of the most interesting features of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the ability of it to connect to LTE networks, more commonly referred to as fourth generation networks or 4G. Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 didn’t have 4G compatibility. The other model S4 i9505 doeshave 4G. So you cannot use 4g service on galaxy S4 i9500.

When did the Samsung S4 come out?

April 2013
Samsung Galaxy S4/Release Date

What is the Samsung Galaxy S4?

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is an Android smartphone produced by Samsung Electronics and was first shown publicly on March 14, 2013, at Samsung Mobile Unpacked in New York City. It is the successor to the Galaxy S III, which maintains a similar design, but with upgraded hardware and an increased focus on software features…

Should I buy the Samsung Galaxy S4?

Compare These. The Good The Samsung Galaxy S4 has Android 4.2.2, a fantastic camera, a powerful quad-core processor, and software solutions for just about every scenario — including working as a TV/DVR remote. It’s also comfortable in hand and has NFC, a user-replaceable battery, and a microSD storage slot.

Is the Samsung Galaxy S4 suffering from storage woes?

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Are Galaxy S4’s new features just gimmicks?

While some users considered all new Galaxy S4 features innovative and legitimately useful, others (minimalists) called them feature creep or just gimmicks. Those features are, for example, Smart Pause, Smart Rotation, Smart Scroll, Air View, Air gesture, Story Album and Temperature and humidity sensors.