How old is Lee Sang Woo?

How old is Lee Sang Woo?

41 years (February 13, 1980)
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How tall is Lee Sang Woo?

6′ 1″
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Is Sangwoo Ji Hyun’s brother?

Gi-hun is Sang-woo’s hyung (older brother) because of age, since he’s a year older, but Sang-woo looks down on him for his impulsivity and dumb life decisions (which, fair).

How old is Sangwoo from squid game?

Trivia. In the first episode, it is stated that his age is 46. As one year is added after birth in the Korean age, this places his birth in 1975. Sang-woo’s ₩6 billion debt converted to U.S. dollars is around $5 million.

What number is Sangwoo in squid game?

Hwang Dong-hyuk explained that he picked number 218 for Sang-woo in the games, because he wanted a number along the middle out of the 456 to have the character as the person who twists the balance during the vote in the second episode.

How old is Ki Tae young?

Ki Tae-young (born Kim Yong-woo on December 9, 1978) is a South Korean actor. Ki made his acting debut in 1997, and went on to play leading roles in the television dramas Creating Destiny (2009), Living in Style (2011), and Make a Wish (2014). He also released an EP in 2012.

Who is Lee Sang-woo?

Lee Sang-woo. Jump to navigation Jump to search. South Korean actor. Lee Sang-woo (born February 13, 1980) is a South Korean actor. He rose to fame in the 2007 television drama First Wives’ Club, and has since played leading roles on The Road Home (2009), Don’t Hesitate (2009), Life Is Beautiful (2010) and Feast of the Gods (2012).

How did Kim So yeon’s relationship with Lee Sang woo start?

On April 18th airing of KBS 2TV ‘s ‘ Happy Together 4 ,’ Kim So Yeon shared how her relationship with actor Lee Sang Woo started. She said, “We actually didn’t talk to each other often during our drama but about 6 months into filming, he suddenly called me in the morning.

When did Ki Tae-young make his first movie?

Ki Tae-young made his feature film debut in 2011 when he played Sang-woo in Lee Jeong-hyang-directed South Korean film ‘A Reason to Live’ which premiered at the 2011 ‘Busan International Film Festival.’ In the same year, he played Kang Choong Ki in 18 episodes of romantic-drama series ‘Royal Family.’