How thick is Bellroy slim sleeve?

How thick is Bellroy slim sleeve?

Measurements for the Original is 3.74 x 3.15 x 0.2”. The Designer and Premium wallets are 0.4” thick, which comes from the additional leather weight mentioned earlier.

What is a wallet sleeve?

A tiny sleeve for use as a wallet or business card holder The main section features a pull tab for easy storage of cards and money, while the outside pockets can be used for quick-access items. The pull-tab supplies this, eliminating that awkward action where you dig deep and fumble around in an old wallet slot.

Is Bellroy wallet worth?

Bellroy makes some of the best wallets and accessories the Insider Reviews team has ever tested. Because Bellroy was one of our earliest reviews, we decided to retest its products. We’re glad to report that we remain impressed with the quality and value of the products.

Does Bellroy use real leather?

We use a lot of full-grain leather, but where it suits the product better (for characteristics such as weight, handfeel and flexibility), we choose top grain. We prioritize the leather most suited to the product we’re making.

Where is Bellroy based?

Where are Bellroy products designed? The design process mostly happens in our Bells Beach office in Australia, where we have a gifted team of people from all over the world. The Bells office is equipped with a design lab that lets us prototype new styles using 3D printing, laser cutting and other fun design toys.

Is Bellroy a luxury?

Bellroy. Aussie brand Bellroy might not be synonymous with the typical ideals of high-fashion luxury, but they do stand for functionality, sustainability and build quality above all else.

Is Bellroy made in China?

Where are Bellroy products made? Currently, makers in China, India and The Philippines offer the best balance of quality workmanship and value we’ve been able to source, so this is where all of our products come to life.

How do you wash Bellroy?

To clean your fabric product, simply wipe it with a damp cloth. For more serious stains, look for a high grade multi-purpose fabric cleaner like you’d use on your sofa. Avoid detergents or bleach. And as tempting as it might be, never put it through the washing machine.

Is Bellroy cruelty free?

We’ve currently found excellent, internationally respected certifications for the environmental impact of the leathers we source, but currently no satisfactory leather certifications with regard to animal welfare.

How big is Bellroy?

As of August 2016, Bellroy had approximately 70 employees. It sells its products through retailers in 120 countries. In April 2019, Bellroy announced a partnership with Silas Capital, a New York-based growth equity firm that invests in consumer brands.

Is Bellroy reliable?

A classic minimalist wallet, the Bellroy Slim Sleeve will quickly become your most reliable everyday carry—durable, stylish, and with enough capacity to fit all the cards and cash you might need.