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How to activate FireShot?

How to activate FireShot?

Download and save the installation file to disk. Please close all of your instances of Firefox, Internet Explorer, SeaMonkey and Thunderbird browsers and launch the downloaded file. The dialog appears and you can select the programs FireShot to be integrated into. After the selection performed, please click “Install”.

How much does FireShot cost?

FireShot Pro volume discount prices

Quantity Unit price Sale price
1 US$ 59.95 US$ 39.95
2 – 4 US$ 53.25 US$ 38.95
5 – 24 US$ 48.50 US$ 37.95
25+ US$ 44.95 US$ 36.95

How do I use FireShot in Chrome?

The new extension icon should appear in the upper right-hand corner of your browser. The FireShot icon is the letter “S.” Open the page you’d like to take a screenshot of and click the extension icon. Select the type of screenshot you’d like to capture – entire page, visible part of the page, selected part, etc.

How do I use FireShot in Internet Explorer?

Using Fireshot is simple. Just go to the web page whose screenshot you want to take and then simply, right-click and select fireshot. Yes, it’s that simple.

Is Fireshot free?

FireShot is a free software only available for Windows. It makes part of the category ‘Browsers’ and the subcategory ‘Add-ons & Tools’, and has been developed by Evgeny Suslikov.

How do I uninstall Fireshot pro?

First uninstall the FireShot (Better you can uninstall form all browsers) Then go to regedit (Start menu-> Run REGEDIT) and search for Fireshot and screenshot (Ctrl+F) Delete the records [**”’Please read some post regarding REGEDIT before doing this”’] or what ever contains about the Fireshot or Screnshot (There is a …

Why is my FireShot not working?

Check the logs in your anti-virus program. If the file “fireshot.exe” is blacklisted, whitelist it. Check, if the file “fireshot.exe” exist (you should see the full path to this file in the error message). If the file does not exist in this folder, reinstall FireShot.

Is there a free version of FireShot?

FireShot is a free software only available for Windows.

How do I download FireShot?

To download FireShot, you click the Download button and save the installation file to your computer. You’re recommended to close all open web browsers before starting the installation process. You can navigate to where you stored the FireShot-intsall.exe file and click on it to launch the installer.