How to do a lease swap?

How to do a lease swap?

One of the most popular methods to perform a lease swap is through an online platform like LeaseTrader or SwapALease. You can browse classifieds of leased vehicles available for transfer. Or you can place your own ad and find interested drivers. Let’s go into the details.

Does swapalease charge for facilitating lease transfers?

SwapALease does charge for facilitating lease transfers, but it’s dramatically cheaper than your other options. Terminating your lease, performing a buyout, or reselling your leased vehicle are each much more costly than SwapALease (not to mention the hassle!).

What is swapswapalease? is the lease trade leader, the largest lease trader, and the pioneer in the lease transfer and lease assumption business. is your best option for both entering and exiting automotive leases cost effectively

Is swapswapalease the best place to lease a car?

SwapALease is not the only place to look for lease transfers. However, it’s a highly-targeted platform. The main benefits of using SwapALease are its simplicity, popularity, and cost. When you arrive on the site, it’s immediately obvious what you need to do.

How much does leaseleasetrader cost?

LeaseTrader charges the buyer a commission of $149.95 if lease transfer is successful. A free credit report is performed as part of the package. Swap A Lease charges $59.95 to register as a buyer. Unlike LeaseTrader, this is not a monthly subscription fee.

Does leasetrader or swapalease perform the lease transfer?

Neither LeaseTrader nor SwapALease performs the actual lease transfer. This is only done through the leasing company that owns the particular vehicle. The terms and conditions of the lease transfer, as well as any applicable fees, are determined solely by the leasing company and are non-negotiable.

How much does it cost to transfer a lease on leasetrader?

All successful lease transfers carry a transfer commission fee of $149.95. All fees paid to LeaseTrader are nonrefundable, regardless of whether your lease transfer is successful or not. SwapALease listing rates for sellers: $299.95 for a 36-photo ad, – the success fee is included and the ad is featured for 2 weeks.