How to redirect a web page with PHP?

How to redirect a web page with PHP?

This short snippet will show you multiple ways of redirecting a web page with PHP. So, you can achieve redirection in PHP by following the guidelines below. This is an inbuilt PHP function that is used for sending a raw HTTP header towards the client. The syntax of the header () function is as follows:

How do I refresh a PHP Session every 10 minutes?

Using ajax you can call a php script that refreshes your session every 10 minutes. 🙂 This is as far as i can go to “exact”. How do I expire a PHP session after 30 minutes?

How do I re-assess the session state of a JavaScript method?

It will NOT be re-assessed everytime you call the javascript method as it is static. To perform this you will need two steps, the first is to setup a page to return a flag indicating whether a users session is valid and secondly perform an asynchronous request to fetch the users session state.

Why is my website not redirecting to my website?

Make sure you redirect to the same domain. So redirecting from a www.yourdomain.com to yourdomain.com doesn’t carry the session forward. Make sure your file extension is .php (it happens!) Now, these are the most common mistakes, but if they didn’t do the trick, the problem is most likely to do with your hosting company.

What is the best redirect code for PHP’s location header?

Unfortunately, PHP’s “Location”-header still uses the HTTP 302 -redirect code, which, strictly, isn’t the best one for redirection. The one it should use instead, is the 303 one.

How to trigger an HTTP redirect for a custom header?

In other words, there’s no way to trigger an HTTP redirect and cause the client (browser) to add a custom header. You might be thinking that using multiple header () calls should work just fine.

What is the root cause of PHP redirect Header Error?

The root cause of this error is that php redirect header must be send before anything else. This means any space or characters sent to browser before the headers will result in this error. Like following example, there should not be any output of even a space before the headers are sent.