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Is 10 years old whisky good?

Is 10 years old whisky good?

With few Indian single malts available (Amrut, Paul John), age is almost irrelevant, as the extra-hot and humid atmosphere results in faster maturation. A 10-year-old whisky is hard to achieve in India due to the loss from the casks; a 20-year-old near impossible.

Is Whiskey good after 50 years?

“Sometimes older is better—but sometimes it’s just older.” Old whiskies might cost a pretty penny, but for the flavor, Pickerell recommends choosing a more middle-aged whisky – 6 to 10 years for bourbon, and about 20 years for scotch. Any older, and you might just be paying for age, not flavorful beauty.

Is 20 year old whiskey good?

There are many who prefer the younger Pappy expressions, particularly the 15, as they find the older bottle a bit too oaky. But the 20 is a tasty whiskey, just pushing up against the boundaries of bitterness. Of course, this is Pappy we’re talking about, so you’ll probably never get to try and decide for yourself.

Is 30 year old whiskey still good?

If you will store it properly, it will be fine for many many years. Even after opening the bottle it still can be stored for a long time and will remain safe to drink.

Is 12 year old whiskey good?

Actually, scratch that, they definitely are – it’ll be a real treat. After 12 years the whisky has had ample time to develop complexity and nuance which is rarely found in younger whiskies whilst still being at a price point which in sufficient abundance to allow for affordable experimentation.

Can you drink 30 year old whiskey?

If you’ve ever wondered if whiskey can go bad, the answer is affirmative – whiskey can go bad. There’s one more thing worth knowing – it’s extremely unlikely that it will actually go bad. If you will store it properly, it will be fine for many many years.

Can you drink 30 year old Jack?

The first thing about the shelf life of whiskey that you should know is that whiskey doesn’t age once bottled. All the aging is done in the casks. That means there’s no point in trying to keep it around for as long as possible. It won’t get better or anything.

How old is the oldest bottle of whiskey?

(CNN) – Food & Wine magazine reported that a bottle of whiskey possibly 250 years old has sold for $137,000. The publication also said the bottle was once owned by legendary American financier J.P. Morgan. According to Skinner Auctioneers, the bourbon is the oldest known whiskey in existence.