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Is a Sergal a real animal?

Is a Sergal a real animal?

The Sergal (English pronunciation: [ˈsɜɹˌɡʌl], Japanese: サーガル “Sāgaru”), is a fictional alien species created by Mick Ono and Kiki-UMA. They belong to the Eltus race, alongside the Nevrean and Agudner in the Vilous universe, a science-fantasy world created by Mick Ono and Kiki-UMA.

What is a Sergal?

Sergals (Japanese: サーガル, Sāgaru, Ancient name: Sieg) are a race that have various features which are similar to plural Earth’s animals with shark-like head. They are one of the three sentient and sapient Eltus race who are regarded as the “human existence” on the Planet Tal.

When were Sergals invented?

Sergals History The first creation as the fictional species named “Sergal” has existed since 2003 with many factors that Mick39 was inspired by those. The roots are based on her favorites, primarily rabbit and fighter aircraft as she is fan of Watership Down and Ace Combat.

What planet are Sergals from?

Planet Tal (惑星タル wakuséi taru) is the host of the New Age canon in the Vilous universe. Populated by a wide variety of flora and fauna, it is home to Sergals, Agudners, and Nevreans, along with the indigenous Talyxians.

Who made Primagens?

mə. dʒɛn/) are a robotic closed species created by Malice-risu on Fur Affinity. Primagens characters can only be obtained through auctions held on the Fur Affinity page. These auctions have been known to reach bids upwards of $1,200.

What is Manokit?

The manokit is a fictional species in the furry fandom. The name comes from the Japanese word for fox and the Hawaiian word for shark. They have canine-like heads, paws, and fur, but have a theropod-like body shape, and they have a dorsal fin on their back and a caudal fin on the end of their tails.

How many Protogens are there?

There are three variants of Protogen available to obtain. Common and Uncommon Protogen are open to creation by the public. Rare Protogen, however, are only available via character auction.

How many teeth does a Sergal have?

While an adult Sergal mouth has 40 teeth, he or she may go through as many as 360 teeth in its lifetime. The Sergal’s neck is long and has a wider range of movement than a human’s. The legs are digitigrade, meaning the Sergal walk on long toes rather than feet, giving the legs three joints rather than two.

What is Vilous?

Vilous (ビロウス birousu) is the name of the fictional Sun, and also a name of the science-fantasy world setting and universe created by the two Japanese artists Mick Ono and Kiki CR. In the Old Age canon, “Vilous” was the name of the main planet.

What is a Primogen?

Primagen and primogen are derived from “primogenitor”, a word meaning the first or earliest ancestor.

Can you be a primagen?

They are a closed-species, created and run by Malice-risu on FA – and the only way to obtain a Primagen is to bid on the auctions they occasionally hold on their FA page.

What are the names of the dinosaurs?

List of Dinosaurs – Dinosaur Names with Pictures 1 List of Dinosaurs: Dinosaur Names with Pictures. 2 Abelisaurus. 3 Albertosaurus. 4 Allosaurus. 5 Ankylosaurus. 6 Apatosaurus. 7 Archaeopteryx. 8 Baryonyx. 9 Brachiosaurus. 10 Brontosaurus.

What is the name of the Indian dinosaur with seven tangled individuals?

Rahiolisaurus – This Indian dinosaur is represented by seven tangled individuals. Rahonavis – Was it a raptor-like bird or a bird-like raptor? Rajasaurus – This “prince lizard” lived in what is now modern-day India.

What is the name of a dinosaur with two skulls?

Hippodraco – This “horse dragon” was recently discovered in Utah. Homalocephale – This herbivore had a very flat–and very thick–skull. Hongshanosaurus – This early ceratopsian is known by two skulls. Hoplitosaurus – Named after the heavily armored soldiers of classical Greece. Huabeisaurus – A titanosaur from northern China.

What are the different types of sergals?

Sergals generally fall into four broad classifications: Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western. With the longest history, they had continued a primitive and tribal lifestyle among the Talyxian biome forested areas of the Shigu lands, until the early stage of Rain-Calendar.