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Is Althea a unique name?

Is Althea a unique name?

Althea (Old English: Alþea) is an English female given name. It is a variation of the Greek name Althaea (Αλθαια), which may be related to Greek ἀλθος althos (“healing”)….Althea.

Pronunciation stress on the first syllable (British) or second syllable (American)
Gender Female
Language(s) Greek
Meaning healer, wholesome

Is Caterina an Italian name?

Caterina is a feminine given name which is an Italian and Catalan form of the name Katherine.

Is liyana a common name?

Liyana was the 1716th most popular girls name. In 2020 there were 116 baby girls named Liyana. 1 out of every 15,095 baby girls born in 2020 are named Liyana.

What does liyana mean?

Meaning of Liyana Liyana means “of the family of the Julii” and “dedicated to Jupiter / Jove” (from Juliana). Besides, Liyana means “it is raining” in Zulu. and “tender”, “soft” (from Arabic “layyin”).

What is a good nickname for Althea?

Baby Name: Althea

meaning Healer
ends with A
nicknames Ally Al Thea Ali Allie
variations Thea Altheda Altheya Althiaa Eltheya Elthia Altha Althaia Althia Athelia Eltha Elthea
popularity chart births

What does the name Caterina mean in the Bible?

Catherine is a derived word from the Greek word Katharos. That means clean and pure. This Katharos word is mentioned in Greek Bibles and like Katharos other similar words are also mentioned in Latin and Hebrew Bibles to mention the meaning of Pure and clean.

Is Caterina a French name?

Italian: from the female personal name Caterina, a popular name in the medieval period, which was borne by numerous early Christian saints.

Is liyana a Hindu name?

Liyana – Meaning of Liyana | Hindu Girl Name Liyana |

Is liyana girl name?

Liyana is a Muslim Girl Name. Liyana name meaning is Softness, Tenderness. It has multiple Islamic meaning. The name is originated from Urdu.

Is lyana an Arabic name?

In Arabic Language this name is written like Lyana is ‘ لينا’….Lyana Name Meaning.

Name: Lyana
Meaning: ‘Eye of the light’
Urdu / Hindi : ‘ لینا’
Lucky Number: ‘Lyana lucky number is 7’
Arabic: ‘ لينا’