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Is Atlas Model Railroad company still in business?

Is Atlas Model Railroad company still in business?

Over the years it grew into a full manufacturing business with full lines of O, HO and S scale trains and track. In June 2020, Mike Wolf announced he was retiring and that M.T.H. would be closing in May of 2021. Founded in 1924 and incorporated in 1949 as Atlas Tool Co.

Where can I sell model railway stuff?

eBay is a huge selling site, probably the most used. It offers a massive audience for what your selling and all the facilities needed to list, sell and manage items your selling. There is a popular model railway section on eBay, full of deals on model trains and a broad following of buyers behind it.

How do I sell model trains?

  1. Sell Your Trains Yourself At Train Shows. Price Received. Effort.
  2. Sell Your Trains Yourself On eBay. Price Received. Effort.
  3. Sell Your Trains Using a Live Auction House. Price Received. Effort.
  4. Sell Your Trains Through an Online Auction Service. Price Received.
  5. Sell Your Trains To A Train Dealer or a Single Buyer. Price Received.

Are model railways still popular?

Models making a comeback Sales at toymaker Hornby, which produces the famous miniature railways of our childhoods, have soared over the past year. The company has seen a 33 per cent rise in sales and returned to profit for the first time in almost 10 years of losses.

Are Atlas trains good?

Over all I consider Atlas the top brand in the HO market. Probably 2nd to Kato in the N-scale market. Throw in their O scale offerings (of which I only have the O-Scale from the late 1970s, and One of the Industrial 3-rail sets) and that puts them at the top in general of all the manufacturers.

Where is Atlas Track manufactured?

Hillside, New Jersey
makes scale models in N scale, HO scale, and O scale. The company is based in Hillside, New Jersey, United States. They produce a wide variety of locomotives, rolling stock, and vehicles. Atlas is well known for their flex track and codes 55, 80, 83 and 100 track….Atlas Model Railroad.

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