Is BMW 316d a good car?

Is BMW 316d a good car?

The 316d is the cheapest 3 Series – and one of the best. It’ll appeal to entry-level buyers as much as company car drivers keen to reduce their tax bills. Yet it’s as accomplished as any other 3 Series – and although rather slow, is still enjoyable to drive, with adequate punch.

What engine is in my BMW 316d?

The BMW F30 3 Series Sedan 316d has a Inline 4, Diesel engine with 1995 cm3 / 121.7 cu-in capacity.

What is the difference between a BMW 318d and 320d?

Compared to the 320d, the 318d has slightly better fuel economy – 50.4mpg versus 49.6. The 320d’s 163bhp and 251lb-ft of torque becomes the 318d’s 122bhp and 207lb-ft. What this means is that wonderful dollop of mid-range power in the 320d has gone, replaced by an engine with little in the way of pulling power.

What kind of engine does a BMW 3 series have?

The latter has been marketed as the 3 Series Compact. The M3 performance model was introduced in June 2000 with a coupé body style, followed by the convertible counterpart in April 2001. It is powered by the BMW S54 straight-six engine with either a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed SMG-II automated manual transmission.

When did the BMW 3 Series E46 come out?

BMW 3 Series (E46) The BMW E46 is the fourth generation of the BMW 3 Series, which was produced from 1997 to 2006. The body styles of the range are: All-wheel drive, last available in the E30 3 Series, was reintroduced for the E46 on the 325xi, 330xi and 330xd models.

How much does the new BMW 3 Series coupé cost?

Prices for the new BMW 3 Series Coupé start at £27,845 OTR for a 320i SE and £30,200 OTR for a 320d SE. This rises to £52,730 OTR for a BMW M3 Coupé. Entry into the BMW 3 Series Convertible club starts at £32,905 OTR for a 320i SE and £35,115 OTR for a 320d SE rising to £56,740 OTR for an M3 Convertible.

What is the top speed of a BMW Coupé?

The values for the Convertible are zero to 62mph in 8.3 seconds, consumption is 55.4mpg and emissions 135g/km. The BMW Coupé is capable of reaching a top speed of 147mph with the Convertible attaining 142mph.