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Is Brainzy good?

Is Brainzy good?

Brainzy is a nice collection of activities that address very typical early learning themes. The learning content is not unique, but the presentation, quality, and range of approaches is good — particularly for K and first grade, somewhat less so for PreK.

How much does Brainzy cost?

Pricing structure: Free to try, Paid, Free (Limited content available for free, premium membership offers more content, progress reports, and up to three user profiles for $3.99/month.)

How do you teach comparing numbers?


  1. Put students in pairs. Give each pair a set of dice and a Dice Data Sheet.
  2. One student rolls the dice and writes their number in column A.
  3. In the circle in between the numbers, students choose the less than, greater than or equal to sign to compare the numbers.

How do you teach numbers compared to kindergarten?

A great hands on lesson for comparing numbers is to use real objects from the classroom. We place the objects in boxes and use our greater than/less than cards to compare the amounts. For a whole group lesson, we did this fun game using giant Uno cards to write and compare numbers.

Does education com offer lifetime?

You can access many of the resources on with a free membership. Become a Lifetime member, and you’ll never have to pay for resources again.

What does it cost to join education com?

Best of all, Premium membership is priced to be accessible. Premium plans are just $15.99 per month, or $9.99 per month if you pay annually, and include all grade levels. A teacher membership supports up to 35 students, and a parent membership covers the whole family’s children.

Why do kids need to know how do you compare numbers?

Why is Comparing Numbers Important? Comparing numbers is an important part of building a student’s number sense. Number sense is the ability for a student to recognize a number, it’s value and it’s relationship with other numbers. It is this important last component that is built by comparing numbers.

What is comparing numbers for kindergarten?

When we put two numbers side-by-side to see which is smaller or larger, we are comparing numbers. When we compare two numbers, the first number can be either larger, smaller, or equal to the second number. 👍 When comparing, the first number can also be smaller or less than the second number.

What is Brainzy code?

Premium members have access to Brainzy (our Guided Lessons games and exercises) for up to 35 students. Classroom Mode gives you a Classroom Code to allow your students to play on their individual devices without you having to log in to each computer. …

What is brainzy?

Brainzy is an award-winning fun and exciting interactive learning games program for practicing skills in math, reading, writing and more – with new learning areas added all the time. Brainzy is designed like a game, with a fun cast of characters in an engaging environment called the Land of Knowhere.

Is brainzy a good way to teach kids math?

Overall, Brainzy is an engaging way to introduce kids to math and English, because while they play, they’re learning key concepts that will serve them for the rest of their lives. Talk to your kids about Families can talk about why it’s fun — and important — to learn letters and numbers.

What is thinkbrainzy for kids?

Brainzy has 300+ fun games and learning activities for iPads and personal computers, and helps kids learn essential math & reading skills. Preschool introduces kids to many new subjects and skills, but games like these keep kids from feeling overwhelmed.

Is brainbrainzy good for early childhood education?

Brainzy is a nice collection of activities that address very typical early-learning themes. The learning content isn’t unique, but the presentation, quality, and range of topics are good (albeit better for the K and 1st grade than for pre-K).