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Is Brilliant Distinctions going away?

Is Brilliant Distinctions going away?

IMPORTANT UPDATE: As of November 2020, Brilliant Distinctions is now Allē! Click here to join the new and improved loyalty program, which allows you to convert your Brilliant Distinctions® account to Allē and hold on to your rewards points.

Who owns brilliant distinctions?

Brilliant Distinctions (BD) is an affiliate rewards program by Allergan with more than 3 million members. The BD program rewards its members with savings for receiving treatments such as BOTOX, Latisse and CoolSculpting, as well as purchases of participating products like SkinMedica.

How much are Allē points worth?

How Much Are Allē℠Points Worth? Every 10 Alle points is worth one dollar ($1). For example, 200 points will save you $20 on your next Allergan Aesthetics treatment at VI.

What replaced brilliant distinctions?

Allergan’s Brilliant Distinctions program has been rebranded and now called Allē! In honor of its 20th anniversary, the customer loyalty program has relaunched in the best interest of its customers.

What is the brilliant distinctions® program?

Brilliant Distinctions® is the only program that rewards you with points to redeem toward instant savings on Allergan products/Latisse. This program is managed by Allergan, pharmaceutical manufacturer of Latisse, SkinMedica, and other complimentary products. Earn – Get points for qualified purchases.

How do I contact the Allergan brilliant distinctions program?

Please note Allergan (makers of Latisse and SkinMedica) ultimately directs the overall Brilliant Distinctions Program. Therefore, if you have general Brilliant Distinctions Program questions, we encourage you to contact Allergan directly: 888-324-2745 or by visiting their website here.

How do I apply my Brilliant distinctions points?

What we CAN DO FOR YOU is apply your points via phone by calling our customer service experts who are at-the-ready to assist: 888-433-1113 Brilliant Distinctions, what if I have general questions…such as my account balance, log in, etc.?