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Is Claremont McKenna a party school?

Is Claremont McKenna a party school?

The Athenaeum, a social and intellectual center for the exchange of ideas, hosts world renowned speakers who interact with the students four nights a week. Beyond the academics, Claremont McKenna College has a reputation among the consortium as a party school.

Is Claremont McKenna liberal or conservative?

CMC is known for its faculty’s conservative political orientation relative to comparable liberal arts colleges. As of 2019, there were 1,338 undergraduate students and postgraduate students.

Are there parties at Claremont McKenna?

The social scene at cmc is amazing. People party constantly, every night of the week. Kids also study every night of the week. There are plenty of things to do for kids who do not want to drink because it is LA, but if you are against partying you may not enjoy cmc as much.

Is Claremont McKenna a dry campus?

Because CMC students do not tend to go off campus to drink, we have almost no problems with drunk-driving, and the College has a very low rate of alcohol- or substance-related emergencies compared with other schools.

How liberal is Claremont McKenna?

Overall it is liberal, but for a liberal arts campus cmc is definitely relatively conservative. Most of the cmc students are from western states in particular California, Washington, and Colorado, but there are kids from all over.

Does Claremont McKenna have Greek life?

Greek life does not formally exist at Claremont McKenna, but is a large aspect of college life for students across the world. Living in a fraternity or sorority can offer students meaningful and close friendships. Going Greek can also yield many academic opportunities and professional connections.

Are there parties at Pomona College?

Pomona has parties for anyone who likes to party and non-party activities both during the week and on weekends for anyone who doesn’t. The presence of the other four Claremont colleges right there also opens up a huge number of party/friend/activity options all the time.

How prestigious is Claremont McKenna?

The College continues its enviable track record of success with CMCers finishing in the top rank of the most prestigious academic awards programs in the U.S. This year, 14 students from CMC have received grant awards from some of the world’s leading academic institutions.