Is Cobbold Gorge worth it?

Is Cobbold Gorge worth it?

The only way to experience the gorge is via the guided tour. This three hour tour is excellent, and worth the $90 odd. You are picked up from reception and driven over a bush track throough Robin Hood station. This is where the gorge shows how unique it is in its rocky beauty, its serenity and its almost eerie silence.

Who owns Cobbold Gorge?

Simon Terry
Simon Terry, who owns and operates the property with his wife Gaye and their family, moved here as a young child. He discovered the Gorge in the early 1990s. Cobbold Gorge Tours and Village started soon afterwards, and the Terry Family have been sharing their home and unique experiences with visitors, ever since then.

Can you swim at Cobbold Gorge?

Fully licensed bar. Swimming pool with deck area and outback Queensland’s first swim-up bar! Marked bushwalking and biking tracks. Guided tours every day during season opening.

How long should I stay at Cobbold Gorge?

three days
A minimum stay of three days is recommended to fully appreciate what’s on offer around Cobbold Gorge, but you really should allow a few days more to explore more of the Gulf Savannah’s diverse natural wonders.

What is there to do in Cobbold Gorge?

Cruise the gorge and walk atop its walls on a guided tour, exploring the ancient geological landforms and our savannah wonderland. Discover the wildlife, go bushwalking, bird watching, canoeing and even mountain biking.

Is the road to Cobbold Gorge sealed?

By Road from Cairns. Of the 42 kilometres of road between Georgetown and Forsayth there are only 8 kilometres unsealed, with a further 43km of formed gravel road from Forsayth to Cobbold Village. This gravel road is maintained by the Etheridge Shire Council from Forsayth, to the front gates of Cobbold Village.

Is Cobbold Gorge pet friendly?

Pets under supervision are welcome at Cobbold Village but not on Cobbold Gorge Tours. Generators are not allowed to be used at any time at Cobbold Village. Bookings are essential so please book in advance.

How long should you stay at Cobbold Gorge?

Is the road sealed to Cobbold Gorge?

Are there crocs in Cobbold Gorge?

Crocodiles Of Cobbold Gorge Cobbold Gorge’s crocodiles are freshwater crocodiles, called Johnstone River Crocodiles Crocodylus johnstoni. There’s a large population of them living happily in Cobbold Gorge, thanks to its permanent water supply and stock of native fish.

Do you need 4WD for Cobbold Gorge?

You don’t need 4WD to get to Cobbold Gorge but since sections of the road are gravel take care to drive to the conditions.

What is the road to Cobbold Gorge like?

Driving to Cobbold Gorge from Cairns, is an adventure within itself. You go from the coastal plains, with cane fields and coffee shops, up the rainforest ranges, across the Tablelands and head west. Your path is along the iconic Savannah Way. Your landscape changes from lush and tropical, to dry and grassy.

Where is Cobbold gorge?

Deep in the heart of the Gulf Savannah region of Far North Queensland is a hidden outback oasis – Cobbold Gorge. Immerse yourself in the natural wonder of a truly unique North Queensland outback holiday destination.

Why choose classiccobbold gorge for your Outback holiday?

Cobbold Gorge offers the ultimate outback family holiday adventure with modern accommodation and RV and caravan friendly camping facilities. To protect this unique North Queensland environment, access to Cobbold Gorge is by guided tour only.

Is this Queensland’s youngest gorge?

Cobbold Gorge is one of Outback Queensland’s best kept secrets – and is unmissable with its untamed beauty, emerald waters, and towering arches that stand more than 30m tall. Although this natural wonder is 135 million years old, Cobbold still wears the label of Queensland’s youngest gorge as well as the narrowest. What are you waiting for?

What can you do in Cobbold?

Cruise the gorge to explore its ancient geological landforms and the savannah wonderland on a guided tour. Discover Cobbold with its North Queensland wildlife, go bushwalking or birdwatching, or just relax and enjoy the modern comforts of Cobbold Village. Only a six hour drive from Cairns and Townsville, getting there is easy.