Is double glazing worth it in Melbourne?

Is double glazing worth it in Melbourne?

Yes, it’s true: The cost of installing double glazed windows is higher than single glazed windows. But they will pay for themselves with lower energy costs and a positive environmental impact. With so much to gain, these windows are the obvious choice for your house.

Does double glazing film work?

Ultimately, as the temperature of your property drops, the more energy you will use to keep your home warm. Putting cling film on single glazed windows does in fact help to reduce energy loss. By providing a second barrier to heat transfer, it creates a very basic – and inexpensive – ‘double glazing’ system.

Do window films insulate?

Window films are one way to make your windows more energy efficient. If you purchase solar window films, not only will the films insulate your home, but they’ll also block harmful UV lights from entering and warping the furniture inside. Films can help prevent shattered glass from spilling into your home.

Are double glazed windows worth the money?

Energy efficient windows can be a great investment toward reducing your annual energy bills, particularly during peak times. Double glazing, especially when combined with energy efficient glass tailored to your climatic needs, can be the most efficient way of reducing U-value and optimising SHGC.

Why is there no double glazing in Australia?

According to the Australian Glass & Glazing Association (AGGA), double glazed units provide thermal insulation. When combined with a Low E coating and suitable frame, this option can stop up to 70% of heat loss and 77% of heat gain when compared to standard 3mm glazing.

Does cling film on windows stop condensation?

Plastic film stops the formation of condensation on the interior of your window glass by creating a barrier between the air and the glass. Plastic film also adds a layer of insulation, saving energy.

Is magnetic secondary glazing any good?

Magnetic secondary glazing that has a plastic/acrylic panel Plastic is a naturally insulating material, meaning this type of DIY glazing offers considerable heat retention, draught-proofing and condensation reduction. However, our secondary glazing can reduce a noise of 39dB by an estimated 65%.

What are the disadvantages of double glazing?


  • Double glazed windows and doors can trap heat.
  • Double Glazed windows cannot be repaired.
  • They might not be a good match for homes with older architectural styles.
  • Double glazing can cost more initially.

Which is the best double glazing company in Melbourne?

Ecostar Double Glazing When it comes to UPVC Double Glazed windows and doors in Melbourne, Ecostar are the only company to turn to.

Why choose our double glazing windows for heritage homes in Melbourne?

Maven has been supplying heritage homes with soundproof, energy-efficient, retrofit double glazing windows in Melbourne for over 25 years. Our products are guaranteed to save energy and reduce noise or your money back. You’ll receive a solid nights sleep with the only patented soundproofing system for heritage homes.

Which is the best window company in Melbourne?

Melbourne’s Best Window Companies: 1 European Window Company. Made By: European Window Company. European Window Company is a Melbourne based fabricator manufacturing the highest quality 2 Ecostar Double Glazing. 3 Regency Windows.

Why choose UPVC double glazed windows and doors?

They specialise in providing the most energy efficient UPVC Double Glazed windows and doors, available in Victoria, and proudly offer our clients a superior installation service (with NO sub-contracting) and an Award winning unrivalled after-sales service. Please note that UPVC windows and doors are often referred to as PVC windows and doors.