Is Edwardes College private?

Is Edwardes College private?

Edwardes College Peshawar is a government college which is the oldest higher education institution in Peshawar, the capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Is Edward college co education?

Long a men’s college, Edwardes is now co-educational with about 200 women students and 15 women among its 85 faculty members, with numbers of women anticipated to increase over time.

Who founded Edwards College Peshawar?

The Church Mission Society (CMS) established Edwardes College in 1900 in the most beautiful part of the Peshawar Cantonment.

What language is spoken in Peshawar?

Today, Peshawar is the capital of the Pakistani province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and is dominated by Pashto speakers.

Who named Peshawar?

The Kushan leader Kanishka (2d cent. AD) made it his capital. For centuries, it was the target of successive Afghan, Persian, and Mongol invaders. It was named Peshawar [frontier town] by the Mughal emperor Akbar.

What is the famous food of Peshawar?

Dum Pukht is a favorite dish of Peshawar that is prepared with the meat of mutton or beef. The pieces of meat are cooked in low heat in its individual fat along with onion, cardamom, potatoes, yogurt, red pepper, garam masala, salt, garlic paste, and oil.

What is the famous drink of Peshawar?

Sharbat Gond Kateera(Tragacanth Gum) is the famous beverage of Peshawar.

What is famous drink of Peshawar called?

Drink[edit][add listing] Peshawar is known for its Kawa (Green Tea) which has a unique flavor, and is usually served sweet.

What is capital of Peshawar?

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Peshawar is the capital and the largest city of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Peshawar’s history dates back to at least 539 BCE, which makes it the oldest city in Pakistan, also one of the oldest cities in South Asia. Unlike the other northern parts of the country, Peshawar is not situated in the monsoon region.

What is the old name of Peshawar?

In Ancient India, the city was known as Purushpura and served as the capital of the Kushan Empire under the rule of Kanishka; and was home to the Kanishka stupa, which was among the tallest buildings in the ancient world.

What is the history of King Edward Medical College Lahore?

King Edward Medical College was established in 1860 as the Lahore Medical College. It is the fifth oldest medical school in South Asia, after Medical College Kolkata (January 28, 1835), Madras Medical College, Chennai (February 2, 1835) Grant Medical College, Bombay (1845) and Sarojini Naidu Medical College Agra (1854).

How many students are there in the University of Peshawar?

The college, affiliated with the University of Peshawar, has about 3,000 students in sciences, arts and humanities, business administration, higher national diploma, and computer sciences.

How to get admission in King Edward Medical University?

Admission to King Edward Medical University is awarded to the students who have the highest merit in the province of Punjab and after primary selection, the list of selected candidates is sent to Dr Muhammad Awais (Chairman Pakistan Medical Board) for approval.

What are the student societies of King Edward Medical University?

The student societies of King Edward Medical University include: King Edward Literary Society URDU” KELS URDU (the oldest society of KEMU, started in 1882 as “Bazm e Adab”) International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations – Pakistan KEMU LC (IFMSA-Pakistan KEMU LC)