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Is Jimenez arms still in business?

Is Jimenez arms still in business?

Jimenez Arms filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in February 2020. Its assets were transferred to a new company, JA Industries, which resumed operations.

Is a Jennings J 22 A good gun?

The Jennings J-22 was an inexpensive pistol of indifferent quality. One may work fine, the next will not. They were not noted for being durable (my Ruger Standard auto from 1971 has probably shot 50,000 rounds), and a J-22 that is working fine may break without warning (and they do).

Are Jennings Firearms good?

These companies made inexpensive, low quality firearms that used to be derisively termed as “Saturday Night specials.” Jennings have a zinc frame, a poor quality barrel and components which wear very quickly. Its accuracy is substandard, it frequently jams and fails to feed and it cannot be used with +P ammunition.

How many bullets does a Jennings 22 hold?

25 ACP, called the JA-25, is also available. It was introduced by Jennings Firearms as the Jennings J-22 in the 1970s….

Jimenez JA-22
Height 3 inches (7.6 cm)
Cartridge JA-22: .22 LR JA-25: .25 ACP
Feed system 6 round single stack magazine
Sights fixed

Why is it called Saturday night special?

The term “Saturday night special” refers to cheap guns used in poor neighborhoods. Gun ownership advocates describe the term as racist in origin arguing that many of the guns banned were typically purchased and owned by low-income black people.

Who makes the Jennings J 22?

Jennings J-22
Manufacturer Jimenez Arms
Variants .25 ACP caliber (J-25)
Barrel length 2.5 in (63.5 mm)

What year was my Jennings j22 made?

The pistol began production in 1978 as a product from Jennings Firearms and is their most well known product. The pistol is marketed in both . 22 LR and . 25 ACP versions.