Is Kani Agathiyan daughter?

Is Kani Agathiyan daughter?

He married Radha in 1978. His elder daughter Kani (Karthika), host of Makkal TV, is married to film director Thiru. Kani Thiru is a winner of Vijay TV’s Cook With Comali (Season 2). His second daughter Vijayalakshmi Agathiyan is an actress and is married to film director Feroz.

Who is Ravikumar son?

Mahendran is an Indian actor who works in Tamil and Telugu language films. He started acting at the age of 3 and has appeared in over 100 films in six languages as a child actor, a record in India.

Who is Agathiyan’s first daughter?

Karthika Agathiyan is the elder daughter of the acclaimed Tamil director “Agathiyan” and Radha.

Why is Ravikumar not directing?

“I have stopped directing Tamil films because honestly, the offers I get do not fit in with my style of filmmaking. I am busy directing films in other languages. Meanwhile, I am also doing significant supporting roles like the one I did in Comali. I am also working with a new breed of directors,” explains Ravikumar.

Is niranjani Ahathian married?

Niranjani Ahathian

Niranjani Ahathiya
Born 8 June 1986 Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Occupation Actress, Costume designer, Fashion stylist
Years active 2014–present
Spouse(s) Desingh Periyasamy (m:2021)

How old is Kani Cooku with Comali?

Kani was born on 7 May 1994 in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India & now her age is approx 27 years as of 2021….Profile.

Real Name Karthika
Birthplace Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Age 28 Years As of 2021
Zodiac Sign Not Known
Nationality Indian

How old is Master Mahendran?

30 years (January 23, 1991)Mahendran / Age

Is dasavatharam hit or flop?

Dashavtar netted ₹1.93 crore (equivalent to ₹4.6 crore or US$610,000 in 2020) in six weeks in North India and was declared a “Flop”. The film grossed ₹2 crore (equivalent to ₹4.7 crore or US$630,000 in 2020) in Kerala in the first week.

Is actress Vijayalakshmi married?

Actress Vijayalakshmi, daughter of National Film Award-winning Tamil film director Agathiyan, married Feroz Mohammed on 28 September. Feroz is a former assistant of director Arivazhagan of Eeram fame. Vijayalakshmi, who was last seen in Aadama Jaichomada, got married today.

How old is Ravikumar?

63 years (May 30, 1958)K. S. Ravikumar / Age

Who is Feroz Mohammed?

Feroz Mohamed is also known as Feroz Mohammed, Mohammed Feroz is a Director, Writer, and Screenwriter from India. Born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. So far Feroz Mohamed has worked in the Kollywood entertainment industry and his artwork has been released in Tamil language movies.

Who is Kani Thiru sister?

Niranjani Ahathian

Niranjani Ahathiya
Years active 2014–present
Spouse(s) Desingh Periyasamy (m:2021)
Parent(s) Agathiyan (father)
Relatives Vijayalakshmi (sister) Thiru (brother-in-law) Kani Thiru (sister)

What is the biography of actor Vikraman?

Vikraman Biography. Vikraman is a reputed Tamil filmmaker. He is also one of the most successful Tamil directors. Early career. Vikraman made his debut with the movie Pudhu Vasantham, a story of four unemployed friends who are musical experts. This movie released in 1989 was successful.

What is the first movie of actor vishnuvikraman?

Vikraman made his debut with the movie Pudhu Vasantham, a story of four unemployed friends who are musical experts. This movie released in 1989 was successful. Its hero Murali went on to become a famous romantic actor who donned the mike-wielding singer role in subsequent movies.

Who is the first director of the film Pudhu Vasantham?

Vikraman made his directorial debut with the film Pudhu Vasantham (1990) produced by R. B. Choudary, for which director K. S. Ravikumar apprenticed under him as an assistant director. The film was about four unemployed friends and musical experts who find themselves unexpectedly saddled with a young woman.