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Is kimmage a rough area?

Is kimmage a rough area?

it’s a really settled neighbourhood. It’s also within a 2 minute walk of everything. Only problem is the traffic in the mornings down the Kimmage Road heading into town. However it tends to free up at the end of the Harolds Cross road so it’s not too bad.

Is Crumlin a bad area?

Not really. Crumlin is in the south part of Dublin. It isn’t considered a rough area… maybe it was years ago, but there ARE rougher areas for sure.

What does Crumlin mean in Irish?

Crumlin (Irish: Cromghlinn, meaning ‘Crooked Glen’) is a Southside suburb of Dublin, Ireland.

Is walkinstown a good area?

Walkinstown is a mature and settled area that has seen a lot of families grow up, and is now welcoming some new ones. Thanks to the way the estates were built, it has more green space than many Dublin neighbourhoods, and it’s not one where new developments have outrun the local amenities.

Is kimmage a nice place to live?

Kimmage is close to town but also feels just far enough out of the city that you get a real sense of community and the tradition of the area. I walk to work every day, through Mount Argus Park and church, and it always makes me glad to be living in such a pleasant area.

Is Terenure a good place to live?

Terenure is a great place to live . Some of my friends were teachers in Kimmage and Crumlin and had no problems. The people who live there are honest hard working people whose priorities are their families and Dublin football .

What’s it like living in Crumlin?

Crumlin is a residential neighbourhood, close to the city centre, with good-quality housing stock. It’s very settled, with fewer short-term renters than some other areas and many families who have been here for decades. Relatively affordable housing is now drawing in a new generation of young families too.

Is Crumlin Catholic or Protestant?

48.3% of the population were male and 51.7% were female. 80.3% were from a Catholic background and 16.7% were from a Protestant or other Christian background.

What borough is Crumlin in?

Caerphilly county borough
Crumlin (Welsh: Crymlyn) is a town, community, and an electoral ward in Caerphilly county borough in South Wales, situated in the Ebbw River valley, five miles west of Pontypool, within the historic boundaries of Monmouthshire.

Is walkinstown a rough area?

Shocked locals said this area of Walkinstown was mostly inhabited by a mix of young families and older people. “There are areas around here which are sometimes a bit crazy, but this road is very quiet, nothing ever happens here,” one man said. “I’ve just heard about what’s going on. It’s absolutely terrible,” he said.

What constituency is walkinstown?

Dublin South-Central (Dáil constituency)

Dublin South-Central
Dáil Constituency
Constituencies in County Dublin; Dublin South-Central is at the centre.
Major settlements Ballyfermot Crumlin Drimnagh Harold’s Cross (west) Inchicore Kimmage Terenure Walkinstown
Current constituency