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Is Liebfrauenkirche (Trier) Gothic or Roman?

Is Liebfrauenkirche (Trier) Gothic or Roman?

Though nothing above the surface is Roman any longer, there are extensive excavations (not open to the public) underneath the church and several of the Gothic pillars stand on top of Roman column foundations. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Liebfrauenkirche (Trier).

Is the Liebfrauenkirche a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Liebfrauenkirche (German for Church of Our Lady) in Trier, is, along with the Cathedral of Magdeburg (reportedly begun in 1209, but finished after the Liebfrauenkirche) the earliest Gothic church in Germany and falls into the architectural tradition of the French Gothic cathedrals.

What is the significance of St Peter’s in Trier?

It is designated as part of the Roman Monuments, Cathedral of St. Peter and Church of Our Lady in Trier UNESCO World Heritage Site . A Roman double church originally stood here.