Is Maximus in the UK?

Is Maximus in the UK?

Maximus is a global leader in health and employment services. In the UK, we have operations in over 270 locations across England, Scotland and Wales and employ over 3,800 highly trained staff to deliver employment, disability and health services to more than 2 million people each year.

Where is Maximus UK based?

The registered office for Maximus UK Services Limited and Health Management Limited is: Ash House, The Broyle, Ringmer, East Sussex, BN8 5NN, United Kingdom.

Is Maximus a government agency?

MAXIMUS Inc. Maximus Inc. is an American government services company, with global operations in countries including the United States, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The company contracts with government agencies to provide services to manage and administer government-sponsored programs.

Who owns Maximus healthcare?

Aveanna Healthcare’s
Atlanta-based Aveanna Healthcare’s agreement to acquire the home health care division of Maxim Healthcare Services — for a reported $1.25 billion — is officially off the table.

Who owns Maximus UK?

Since March 2015, over £5m worth have been sold by one employee alone – Bruce Caswell, President of Maximus. Meanwhile, CEO Richard Montoni has sold £1m of his shares.

Who are Maximus competitors?

Maximus competitors include Ernst & Young (EY), Deloitte (US), Navigant and KPMG.

How do I contact Maximus recruitment?

To contact us about the accessibility of our site or for assistance completing our online application, please call the Recruitment Hotline on 0113 426 7101 or email the Recruitment team at [email protected]

Why choose Maximus UK?

Maximus UK specializes in helping people achieve sustainable employment through rehabilitation, work preparation, and training courses – particularly for individuals with health conditions and disabilities.

What is Maximus web-based compliance training?

The Maximus Web-Based Compliance Training Program goes a long way in preserving a business’s code of ethics and presenting savings to their bottom line. Employers are at risk for costly fines, lawsuits or other legal actions when they are exposed to employee misconduct that violates code of ethics or regulatory compliance standards.

What does Maximus do for employee development?

Development at Maximus includes planned and managed professional growth based on three elements: training, experience and exposure. The Maximus Center for Employee Development (CED) oversees enterprise-wide professional development. The CED’s areas of focus include: Created with Sketch.