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Is MeDioStar laser good?

Is MeDioStar laser good?

The MeDioStar is the leading diode hair removal laser in the US. It’s known for its unparalleled speed, effectiveness, safety, and patient comfort.

What kind of laser is MeDioStar?

diode laser
The newest innovation in laser hair removal, the MeDioStar®, is the ultimate diode laser for safe and effective hair removal on all skin types!

Which laser is better diode or alexandrite?

Although Diode can treat patients with slightly darker skin tones, Alexandrite lasers tend to shine for lighter skinned individuals. Alexandrite laser hair removal studies. Diode lasers use a longer wavelength (usually around 810nm). That results in a deeper penetration of the skin.

Which is better cynosure or Candela?

The most effective cooling for Candela is DCD spray (freezing agent), it “freezes” and numbs your skin during laser treatments. Cynosure, one of the largest laser medical aesthetic equipment manufacture. For laser hair removal, the current model for Cynosure is Elite MPX, its a combination of IPL, Alex, and ND-YAG.

How does Cynosure laser work?

How it works. The secret lies in the technology. Cynosure’s laser hair removal treatments target and destroy the hair cells responsible for hair growth without damaging the surrounding skin. The result is smooth, hair-free skin that lasts!

Which is better Nd YAG or diode?

Although, the side effects of Nd:YAG laser are less as compared to the diode laser, it is less efficacious as compared to the diode laser. Both long-pulsed Nd:YAG laser and IPL are effective modes for hair removal. Although statistically insignificant, more side effects were noted with IPL than with long-pulsed Nd:YAG.

Which laser has the most absorption into melanin?

Both of these wavelengths are in the therapeutic or optical window and are effective for laser therapy. Since melanin absorption dominates at lower wavelengths, 980 nm is better for maximal penetration for skin with melanin.

Which diode laser is best?


  • The diode laser is most effective for darker terminal hair and is less effective on lighter, finer hair.
  • The long pulse Neodymium-yttrium aluminum — garnet laser (Nd:YAG laser) can be safely used in all skin types, including tanned patients.

What is ND YAG laser hair removal?

Nd:YAG for Latin skin Laser hair removal works by the laser attacking the hair follicle in its growth (anagen) stage. The laser’s energy is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle and the more melanin in the follicle (or the darker the hair), the more effective the laser treatment.

Is Cynosure a diode laser?

The Cynosure Smartskin® Co2 Laser utilizes advanced carbon dioxide laser technology for skin resurfacing. It precisely removes outer layers of damaged skin to reveal the underlying skin which is softer, smoother, and younger looking.

What is the mediostar next Pro laser?

With its combined 810 + 930 nm Laser wavelengths & largest spot-size, the Mediostar Next Pro is considered the most innovative laser for hair removal in difficult and resistant cases not responding to other lasers. The Mediostar laser wavelengths reach hair follicles at deeper levels.

How does the mediostar® work?

The MeDioStar® has a 10.1” touchscreen LCD featuring a completely redeveloped and intuitive user interface. Users can select between the menu for treatments and settings. Beginners can choose the desired treatment, and the device then sets up the recommended parameters.

What is Monolith mediostar?

Monolith – it’s a byword for maximum stability, maximum power, intuitive operation and optimal control – for faster and more effective treatments than ever before. The new MeDioStar® offers an innovative, easy-to-maintain and expandable modular design with an intuitive user interface, efficient skin cooling and a two-handpiece system.

What is a mediostar® trolley?

The MeDioStar® was developed as a table-top system and was equipped with a unique and multifunctional trolley. The trolley completes the MeDioStar®’s visually appealing design and offers two storage compartments for additional accessories.