Is Otedolas wife a Nigerian?

Is Otedolas wife a Nigerian?

Nana Otedola
Femi Otedola/Wife

Where is Nana otedola originally from?

Nana Otedola/Place of birth

Is femi a Nigerian?

Fẹ́mi is a common Nigerian given unisex name of Yoruba origin which means “love Me”. Femi is most commonly a diminutive form of “Olufemi” (or Olúfẹ́mi) which means “The Lord loves me” (“Olú” means Lord, Leader, or the “Prominent one,” in the Yoruba language).

How old is Femi Otedolas wife?

Nana Otedola Wiki, Profile

Real Name Nana Otedola
Date Of Birth Age August 1st 1966 55 (As at 2021)
Nationality Ghanaian-Nigerian
Place of Birth London, UK
Fiancé/Husband Femi Otedola

How old is Femi Otedola?

59 years (November 4, 1962)
Femi Otedola/Age

Is Femi Kuti educated?

Baptist Academy Lagos
Igbobi College Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria.
Femi Kuti/Education

Is Tolani otedola’s daughter?

Tolani, a Nigerian sonorous singer and daughter of Nigerian billionaire, Femi Otedola, has revealed that for over a year, she has been battling with an ailment.

How old is Tolani otedola?

Tolani Otedola was born on April 31st, 1986 making her a 34 years old girl, she grew up in Lagos where she completed her primary and secondary education, before she relocated to London where she had her degree in Psychology from the University of ST. Andrew Scotland.

Did Femi Otedola go to school?

Obafemi Awolowo University1980–1985
Olivet Baptist High School
Femi Otedola/Education

Is Fela related to Burna Boy?

Burna Boy’s grandfather and former manager to Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Afrobeat legend, Benson Idonije, predicted after his grandson, Burna Boy, lost the coveted ‘Best World Music Album’ award to Beninoise singer, Angélique Kidjo, at last year’s Grammy Awards that he would eventually bring home the award.

Is Femi Kuti a British citizen?

In 1986, Femi started his own band, Positive Force, establishing himself as an artist independent of his father’s legacy….

Femi Kuti
Born 16 June 1962 London, England
Origin Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria
Genres Afrobeat, jazz, Funk
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter, musician

Who is Femi Otedola’s wife Nana?

Nana Otedola is the celebrity wife better known as the spouse of Nigerian Billionaire and oil supremo Femi Otedola. Nana is also popular as a celebrity mother. Nana was born on August 2, 1966, in London but held a Nigerian nationality. She has not revealed much about her childhood, but we can acclaim that she came from a well-to-do family.

How many children does Femi Otedola have?

Similarly, Nana and Femi became parents for the second time on March 20, 1996, who shared a daughter named Temi Otedola. For the third time, Femi & Nana shared a son named Fewa Otedola .

Who is Temi Otedola’s daughter?

Photo: Temi Otedola shared a daughter named Tolani with his former girlfriend, Olayinka Odukoya. From the relationship, Odukoya and Otedola shared a daughter named Olawunmi Christy Otedola, aka Tolani, on April 21, 1986 .

Is Temi Otedola in a relationship with Don Eazi?

Picture: Temi Otedola is in a romantic relationship with the musician Don Eazi. On the other hand, their 25-years-old daughter Temi is an arising actress. She has portrayed the role of Moremi in the Netflix Nigerian film Citation . Additionally, the actress Temi is in a romantic relationship with the Nigerian musician Don Eazi.