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Is phlegmon serious?

Is phlegmon serious?

Phlegmon can affect internal organs such as your tonsils or appendix, or can be under your skin, anywhere from your fingers to your feet. Phlegmon can spread rapidly. In some cases, phlegmon can be life-threatening.

What is phlegmon mean?

Phlegmon is defined as inflammation of soft tissues with no liquid component or pus.

What is phlegmon abscess?

Abscess. A phlegmon is a localized area of acute inflammation of the soft tissues. It is a descriptive term which may be used for inflammation related to a bacterial infection or non-infectious causes (e.g. pancreatitis).

What is Pericolonic phlegmon?

The infection after a microperforation is usually contained by the pericolonic fat, mesentery, or adjacent organs; therefore, a localized phlegmon occurs. However, the infection after a macroperforation is not restricted and can result in peritonitis or a pericolonic abscess.

What is phlegmon?

Phlegmon is a medical term describing an inflammation of soft tissue that spreads under the skin or inside the body.

What is inflammation of phlegmon and how does it spread?

Inflammation of Phlegmon can also spread to cellular spaces and also involve tendons and muscles. Bacterial infection may be associated with this condition, however, the word ‘phlegmon’ is derived from Greek which means inflammation and it refers to a inflammatory mass which is walled-off without bacterial infection…

What is the pathophysiology of pancreatic phlegmon (phlegmon)?

Adler and Barkin describe pancreatic phlegmon as a mass that results from acute intrapancreatic inflammation with fat necrosis and pancreatic parenchymal necrosis.

What is the treatment for phlegmmon?

The main aim of treatment of Phlegmon is removing the cause of the phlegmonous process so that treatment is achieved and recurrence can be prevented. Conservative treatment consisting of antibiotics is started if the Phlegmon is mild and inflammation is present without any signs of infiltrates. In severe cases,…