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Is PSR S670 good?

Is PSR S670 good?

PSR S670 offers authentic sampled sounds: superb acoustic and electric piano sounds and several electronic sounds suitable for today’s dance music. It has an intelligent arpeggio function with instant access to a library of arpeggiated synth phrases and patterns. It has 230 styles including a brand new DJ category.

Is Yamaha PSR E273 touch sensitive?

Unlike those two, the PSR-E273 keyboard doesn’t have touch sensitivity. In other words, striking the keys harder to change the dynamics or add emotion to a song will not increase the volume. Whether or not a keyboard has touch sensitivity will also affect the sustain, expression, and flow.

Is the Yamaha psrs700 a good keyboard?

The Yamaha PSRS700 has 317 voices, 16 drum, 480 XG, 265 GM2, and 235 GS. It weighs a total of 25.3 lbs. Lots of impressive features on this keyboard I must say. Not bad at all for 1000 bucks. But be sure to compare it to other keyboards before making a purchase.

How many notes does the Yamaha psrs710 have?

For instance, the Yamaha PSRS710 has 128 note polyphony, 850 incredible instrument voices, realistic built-in accompaniment, a 16-track sequencer, audio recorder, large, easy-to read screen, dozens of effects and Internet Direct Connect and USB connectivity. (Update: The PSRS710 has been discontinued.

What is the audio output of the psr-sx700?

The audio output of the PSR-SX700 has been completely overhauled to focus on delivering the highest quality sound from your keyboard. The new Digital Audio Converter (DAC) delivers highly detailed sound across a wide frequency range, ensuring the PSR-SX700 always cuts through the mix.

What features does the Yamaha psrs910 have?

The Yamaha PSRS910 features super articulation voices, sounds from the legendary Tyros3, MP3 playback, microphone input with 3-part harmony, color screen, 128 note polyphony, a 16 track sequencer, audio recorder, Internet Direct Connect and USB connectivity, and dozens of effects. (Update: The PSRS910 has been discontinued.