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Is St Marcellinus a good school?

Is St Marcellinus a good school?

Marcellinus is the top ranked high school in North Mississauga. Located in Meadowvale Village, St. Marcellinus is a great school for families who want a great education for their children and live in Meadowvale Village.

Is Mississauga Secondary a good school?

Ranking. According to the Fraser Institute, for the 2018 to 2019 school year, Mississauga Secondary School obtained a rank of 261 out of 739 Ontario secondary schools. It is ranked 22 out of 33 secondary schools in the city of Mississauga. It is also given an overall rating of 6.8/10 by the institute.

When was St Marcellinus built?

St. Marcellinus Secondary/Founded

St. Marcellinus was established in September of 2003. The construction of St. Marcellinus fulfilled two goals; first it helped to reduce the number of portables at St.

How many middle schools are in Mississauga?

25 public middle schools
There are currently 25 public middle schools in Mississauga, and we have ranked 21 of them (4 schools are Grades 7-8 only)… these are only the ones in the Top 5, for interest’s sake.

How many secondary schools are there in Mississauga?

Peel has more than 250 elementary and secondary schools.

Which is the best school in Ontario?


School Location
1 University of Toronto Schools Toronto, ON
2 York School Toronto, ON
3 Crescent School Toronto, ON
4 Branksome Hall Toronto, ON

How many students are in Mississauga Secondary School?

1,225July 7, 2020
Mississauga Secondary School/Number of students

What is St Marcellinus known for?

Marcellinus at Seligenstadt. Saints Marcellinus and Peter (sometimes called Petrus Exorcista – Peter the Exorcist; Italian: Marcellino e Pietro) are venerated within the Christian churches as martyrs who were beheaded. Hagiographies place them in 4th century Rome.

Who is St Marcellinus?

Marcellinus, (born, Rome? —died October 304, Rome; feast day June 2), pope probably from 291/296 to 304, although the dates of his reign, as well as those of his predecessors Eutychianus and Gaius, are uncertain. Marcellinus supposedly repented and was martyred, but his martyrdom is unproved.

Are there good schools in Mississauga?

There are 76 public elementary schools in Mississauga, including Corsair & Mineola, which are the only two all-French Immersion schools in Mississauga….MISSISSAUGA PUBLIC SCHOOL RANKINGS 2020.

Rank School Grades
#1 Burnhamthorpe Public School K-5
#2 Britannia Public School K-5
#3 Lorne Park Public School K-5