Is the Siberia V3 still worth it?

Is the Siberia V3 still worth it?

The Siberia V3 remains mostly true to what made the V2 great: durability and flat, true sound. A quiet mic and a lack of adjustability hold it back from greatness.

Is the Siberia V3 the best microphone for You?

The Siberia V3 does have a clear weakness in its microphone. SteelSeries goes with a retractable mic design that sits slightly in the leftfield compared to its competitors. The advantage is in the neatness of its design—just push it back into its hole when you’re not using it, or tap the side of your left earcup to mute it.

Are Siberia headphones any good?

The Siberia is about covering the bases: its aesthetic has always been appealing, the build quality has always been deceptively good for such light headphones, and the sound production has long been reliable and clear.

Are there any issues with the Acer Siberia headset?

There have been issues along the way, though—we’ve never found the old model Siberia an especially comfortable headset compared to its peers in the price range (the floating headband design works for some heads and not others), and the mic hasn’t previously been its strong suit either.

Are SteelSeries Siberia gaming headsets any good?

SteelSeries has been making the Siberia gaming headset in its various forms for years now, and each iteration has offered a good all-round package at the hundred dollar mark, though it must be said without really excelling in any particular area.

Is Siberia’s new range of ‘phones worth $60?

With its latest range of ‘phones, the Danish manufacturer looks to silence all criticism with a new and improved Sibera V3 model, and an all-new model, the Raw Prism, way down in the $60 range. The Siberia V3 is relatively familiar territory. Actually, if you’re familiar with the V2 model, it’s Attack Of The Clones territory.