Is there an organic version of Osmocote?

Is there an organic version of Osmocote?

Osmocote Granules Organic Plant Food 2 lb.

Is Osmocote fertilizer toxic?

OSMOCOTE ® Unusual Fire and Explosion Hazards: Decomposes on heating to emit toxic ammonia and oxides of nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur. High airborne dust concentrations have potential for explosion.

Is Osmocote a good fertilizer?

Osmocote is a well-balanced 15-9-12 blend of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Since it releases slowly as the plant is watered, it will not burn the roots or cause the plant to shoot out gangly growths too quickly. I use Osmocote on both my indoor potted plants and my outdoor container gardens.

Is Scotts Osmocote Plus Organics organic?

Osmocote® Plus Organics plant foods consist of blends of organic compounds, controlled release nutrients, a wetting agent and gypsum to improve plant health and condition the soil for up to 6 months. The low-odour formulation contains a natural smell-reducing agent.

Is Osmocote bad for the environment?

This is absolutely not true, and in fact you could ruin your plant and your soil by applying too much phosphorous. Nursery growers, who have hundreds of thousands of container plants to take care of, typically use coated, slow-release artificial fertilizers, with trade names like Osmocote or Nursery Special.

Is Osmocote synthetic fertilizer?

Brands like Miracle-Gro, Scott’s, Vigoro, Best, Osmocote and Shultz are synthetic, not organic, although each of these companies is attempting to enter the growing organic fertilizer marketplace. The most popular organic fertilizer brands are likely Dr.

Is Osmocote safe for fruit trees?

Osmocote Flower & Vegetable Plant Food (14-14-14) is a good and safe choice to feed fruit trees. As a general rule, apply 3 tablespoons per 2 ft. of branch spread. Keep growing!

Is Osmocote good for all plants?

It works with virtually all plant varieties, in all growing conditions. Plus, we offer our no-burn pledge when you use Osmocote as directed.

When should I use Osmocote?

Apply to outdoor plants every 4 months during the growing season. Can be applied to indoor plants, also every 4 months, year-round.

Is Osmocote a natural fertilizer?

No, Osmocote is an inorganic fertilizer but it has all the major benefits of an organic fertilizer. The coating of Osmocote is organic and based on soybean oil only.

Is Osmocote Plus safe for vegetables?

Can Osmocote® be used with edible plants such as vegetables, fruits and citrus? Yes. In fact, Osmocote® Flower & Vegetable Plant Food is formulated for just these purposes. Osmocote® granules are coated with a resin made from vegetable oil, which make them safe to handle with bare skin.

Can you use Osmocote on roses?

Most of the nutrients a rose needs for healthy growth are already in your soil. Osmocote does not have a product specifically marketed for roses. The product is recommended, however, by local rose societies and cooperative extension services as an appropriate annual or baseline fertilizer.