Is traffic bad in Oahu?

Is traffic bad in Oahu?

Here’s the truth of it: traffic in Hawaii can be horrible. In the newest report from INRIX, a transportation analytics firm, Honolulu was ranked 18th most congested city in the U.S. The good news is that this is a much kinder ranking than in 2012, when INRIX dubbed Honolulu traffic as the worst!

What is driving like on Oahu?

When it comes to the rules of the road, Oahu follows the same laws as the rest of the United States—with a little extra aloha. Unlike the mainland where drivers can be a bit more aggressive, locals are used to being let in when merging lanes, and you definitely won’t hear people honking their horns as much.

What time is rush hour traffic in Honolulu?

5AM to 8AM
Normal weekday rush hour in Honolulu is 5AM to 8AM going inbound and 3PM to 6:30PM going outbound. Expect heavy traffic on Interstates H-1 and H-2, Nimitz Highway/Ala Moana Boulevard, and the surface streets in downtown Honolulu and Waikiki.

Which Hawaiian island has the worst traffic?

Kahului is located on the island of Maui while the Kailua – Kaneohe area is also located on Oahu, making Oahu the worst island to drive on Hawaii because Honolulu is located on the other side of that same island.

Does Honolulu have the worst traffic?

Hawaii’s capital city also ranked worst in congestion among all medium-sized U.S. cities with between 500,000 and 1 million people, under the 2019 Texas A&M Urban Mobility Report. You’ll still hear the words “Honolulu” and “nation’s worst traffic” paired together in conversation.

Do I need a four wheel drive in Oahu?

If you are talking about a four wheel drive car, there are very few places to drive it on Oahu. The public roads are paved or improved unpaved and you don’t need four wheel drive on them.

Is it safe to drive around Oahu at night?

I agree that driving around Honolulu/Waikiki at night is just fine. As one gets farther from the city-center, the options for roads will diminish pretty quickly, so once you are on the right one – just continue to your destination.

How do I avoid traffic in Oahu?

Avoid driving during peak hours, or the morning and evening rush hours. On Oahu, it’s best to avoid H-1 Freeway in both directions during the evening rush hour. It can be a parking lot on some days. Try to be where you want to be before or after rush hour, especially if you have reservations for a tour or for dining.

Why is traffic bad in Hawaii?

Honolulu is the capital of Hawaii as well as the most popular tourist area in the state. The issue with traffic here is that many people do not live in the area where most jobs are located which is in the actual city of Honolulu. Most commute from neighboring areas, thus traffic can get very congested during rush hour.