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Is TYR swimsuit good?

Is TYR swimsuit good?

TYR makes excellent quality swimsuits. I decided to stick with a proven performer and I have no regrets! Similar brands that I have found reliable in quality are Speedo, Arena, and Nike. Additionally, the suit had a retail price ~$20 higher than what the prices is listed here, so this was an excellent deal!

What size swimsuit am I TYR?


SIZE 26 – – 40 – –
CHEST 28 – 29.5 40 – 41.5
WAIST 23 – 24.5 35 – 36.5
HIP 29.5 – 30.5 42.5 – 43.5
TORSO 54.5 – 55.5 65 – 66.5

What does TYR Swimwear stand for?

Company history. TYR was founded in Huntington Beach, CA by Joseph DiLorenzo, and Steve Furniss in 1985. The name TYR is a reference to the Norse god Týr.

Who owns Tyr?

Swimwear Anywhere, Inc.
TYR Sport/Parent organizations

Does Tyr run small?

It does fit a little snug. I normally wear an extra small (5’6 and weigh 115 lbs) but the extra small was too tight. The small fits great. I am a 32 bust and would suggest to anyone with a 34 or larger to get a medium.

How do you measure torso for TYR swimsuit?

D Torso = Measure diagonally from your shoulders, between your legs and up your back to return to the starting point. *NOTE: For all measurements, make a full loop around with the tape. For chest, waist, and hips, keep the tape parallel to the floor.

Do TYR swimsuits run small?

Is TYR ethical?

Tyr’s commitment to compliance Tyr Energy maintains a company-wide commitment to compliance with the law. Our officers and other employees are committed to high ethical standards, regardless of culture, education, or background.

Is TYR a brand?

Since its inception three decades ago, TYR has grown to exist as one of the world’s most recognizable swimming and triathlon brands.