Is University of Damascus a good school?

Is University of Damascus a good school?

University of Damascus (DU) – public higher education institution in Syria. DU was founded in 1923….Infrastructure of DU.

Ranking 1658 1
World ranking 1658
International rankings
UniPage World University Ranking 1658
City Damascus

How many universities is Damascus?

13 universities
There are 13 universities located in Damascus, which offer 140 study programs.

What is the ranking of Damascus University?

Syrian Arab Republic

ranking World Rank University
1 3173 Damascus University
2 4332 Tishreen University
3 4750 University of Aleppo
4 5933 Al Baath University

Is Damascus accredited?

Damascus University (DU) is located in Damascus, Damaskus, Syria. It is locally known as جامعة دمشق. The university was established in 1923. It is accredited by Ministry of Higher Education, Syria.

How long is dental school in Syria?

Programs such as architecture, engineering, dentistry, pharmacy, and veterinary studies require five years; medicine requires six years.

When was Damascus founded?

Damascus University/Founded

Damascus University is a public University, it was founded in 1923 through the merger of the School of Medicine (established 1903) and the Institute of Law (established 1913).

Does Syria have universities?

As of 2018, there are 8 public universities, 1 colleges, 1 virtual university, in addition to 6 higher institutes in Syria, owned by the government.

Where is Syria situated?

southwestern Asia
Syria, country located on the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea in southwestern Asia. Its area includes territory in the Golan Heights that has been occupied by Israel since 1967.

How long is medical school in Syria?

Medical education in the Syrian universities consists of a 6-year educational program. The first 3 years cover the basic-sciences-related subjects, while in the 4th, 5th years students undergo clinical clerkships in the university hospitals.

Is Damascus safe?

OVERALL RISK : MEDIUM. Though Damascus is considered dangerous for everyone, it is currently probably the safest are in Syria. Life goes on as before there, and the biggest risk comes from the dangers of war, not crime.

Is Syria an educated country?

With a growing population, Syria has a good basic education system. Since 2000 the Government of Syria has significantly increased the expenditure on education 1 to 6….Education in Syria.

Ministry of Education Ministry of Higher Education
Primary languages Arabic
System type National
Literacy (2015)
Total 86.4%