Is Vector Marketing a MLM?

Is Vector Marketing a MLM?

Vector is not MLM at all. The recruits do not spend their time recruiting other Representatives. Vector is a jobs scam where they make you think you are getting a job through their interview process and you end up not getting a job but you become an independent sales person that works on commission.

What do vector employees do?

What kind of work is this? Everyone starts at Vector Marketing as an entry-level sales representative. Our reps schedule appointments and introduce prospective customers to CUTCO Cutlery through one-on-one demonstrations. Showing CUTCO to potential customers and taking purchase orders.

Is working for Vector worth it?

Overall decent experience. You get paid for putting in the hours, but you need to know people to sell to. If you run out of friends/family to sell to it can be very hard to find new clients as you basically have to cold call. The pay is good though if you have enough people to sell to.

What is vector work from home?

Vector Marketing is a company that recruits high school and college-age students to sell Cutco knives to friends and family. On their social media, they urge young people to work for them with promises of making an easy $17 an hour and experience that will look good on a resume.

Can you make money with Vector Marketing?

How does Vector Marketing pay? Reps earn a guaranteed base pay of $15-$18 every time they show Cutco to a qualified prospect, whether that be in-person or virtually. This is NOT an hourly rate. People sometimes think it’s $15-$18 per hour because most appointments take between 45 minutes to an hour.

Is Vector Marketing a good job to have?

It is a good experience with people who know what they are doing. The pay is great and the hours are flexible with school, sports and other things in people lives that are important. The people are encouraging and want you to succeed. The culture makes going to work exciting every day.

Is Vector Marketing a work from home?

What is the work from home policy at Vector Marketing? Yes I do work from home on zoom.