Is WWE 2K16 a roster?

Is WWE 2K16 a roster?

WWE 2K16 Full Roster – WWE 2K16 has the “largest roster ever” with an excess of 120+ unique playable characters lined up in the roster, all shipping with the game. It contains an unprecedented combination of current WWE Superstars and Divas, emerging NXT talent, WWE Hall of Famers and WWE alumni from multiple eras.

How many characters are in WWE 2K16?

Roster. 2K announced on their social media accounts that WWE 2K16 will feature the “largest roster in the game’s history”, featuring over 120 unique playable characters, nearly double the 67 that were in last year’s game.

What’s better Raw or Smackdown?

Raw has always been the flagship brand of WWE programming, so SmackDown has usually had an uphill battle to catch up. With a greater emphasis placed on it from a roster depth and storyline development standpoint, the show has surpassed SmackDown as the higher-quality program in WWE.

What WWE 2K has the best roster?

Serving as by far the best title in the WWE 2K series, WWE 2K19 has nearly everything from wacky match types, a steller roster, and incredibly fun gameplay.