What archetypes are in Hunger Games?

What archetypes are in Hunger Games?

Archetypes in The Hunger Games Trilogy

  • Bully- Cato.
  • Caretaker- Primrose Everdeen.
  • Mentor- Haymitch Abernathy.
  • Leader- Gale Hawthorne.
  • Messenger- Effie Trinket.
  • Victim- Rue.

How is The Hunger Games a hero’s journey?

These four parts are Departure, Testing, Fulfillment, and Return. Each part is a key aspect of the Hero’s Journey. In The Hunger Games, written by Suzanne Collins, Katniss Everdeen goes through this journey. Katniss goes through each and every part, becoming a hero without even knowing it.

Does Hunger Games follow the hero’s journey?

Below are just a few of the steps all heroes face in the “Hero’s Journey” story plot. Popular stories like The Hobbit and The Hunger Games follow this structure. The story usually opens with the hero’s normal life: their ordinary world.

What character archetype is Katniss Everdeen?

There are several characters in the novel The Hunger Games, portrayed as different archetypes; the protagonist Katniss Everdeen is portrayed as an archetypal hero. Katniss Everdeen is a hero in the sense that she risked her own life for her family, friends, and district.

What character archetype is Peeta Mellark?

Peeta Mellark: Idealistic: primary concern is remaining true to himself and not letting the Games change who he is. Loving: announces his love for Katniss and risks his life to help her.

What archetype is Peeta?

Peeta Mellark: Passionate: willing to eat poison berries to die with Katniss instead of living without her.

What was Katniss call to adventure?

The call to adventure for Katniss is when she volunteers as tribute in place of her younger sister, Prim.

What archetype is clove?

The archetypal villain in The Hunger Games is Cato and Clove (Fox face). The two are career tributes from district 2 who are designed to kill since day 1. Career tributes are tributes who are trained since young children to fight and win The Hunger Games.

What archetype is President Snow in The Hunger Games?

senex archetype
President Snow represents a senex archetype whose reign has petrified and is in need of renewal, whereas Katniss represents a feminine hero aligned with the Self.

What are the archetypes in the Hunger Games?

What are the Archetypes in The Hunger Games? Katniss is the archetypal hero of The Hunger Games – the character who displays predominantly good character tendencies alongside heroic qualities of courage, determination, endurance, physical strength, bravery and a strong moral and ethical code.

What is the hero’s journey in the Hunger Games?

The ordinary world is where the Hero’s Journey typically begins, and the protagonist that will embark on most of the journey is Katniss Everdeen. Most heroes are born under unusual circumstances, and Katniss is no exception.

What is the significance of the 12 steps of the hero’s journey?

The 12 Steps of the Hero’s Journey matched to the charcters and plot of the first book of the Hunger Games trilogy. The Capitol is upset and embarrassed that something so simple could have been their downfall, and they are out to get Katniss for making the flaws in their games so obvious.

What is the most important part of the hero’s journey?

The Refusal of the Call to action is normally one of the most important parts of the Hero’s Journey, but the Hunger Games is one of the few situations where it doesn’t happen. Katniss willingly accepts the dangers of the journey she is to embark on.