What are cute animal print nail designs?

What are cute animal print nail designs?

Cute animal print nail designs are a fun way to bring out your colorful, childish, and creative side. What better way to feel young at heart than with vibrant colors and cute critters with smiling faces? Sure, you’ve probably seen cheetah spots and tiger stripes on nails, but the animal prints don’t stop there!

How do you make bubblegum nails look like leopard print?

Bring edge to bubblegum pink nails by adding a long dark green snake. Use black and gold stripes for his skin and don’t forget the red forked tongue! Use nude or light brown as the base to these leopard print nails. Use a thin black brush to create the spots and place a colorful crystal in the middle.

How do you make a bird out of your nails?

Coat nails in sea foam green, then use a darker shade of green to draw the sea stars, shark fins, waves, and other sea critters. A bright coral breathes life into an animal print design featuring a pretty red bird. Add some colorful crystals near the cuticle above her head and give your pinky finger a swipe of gold glitter.