What are some things you should ask Siri?

What are some things you should ask Siri?

This is one of the funnier things to ask siri for a laugh. Siri replies “It’s time to gazing persistently at a Dali painting”, “It’s time to do the Time Warp (again), “Time flies like and arrow, fruit flies like a banana” and, “Einstein said time is an illusion.

What are funny things to say to Siri?

Funny Things to Say to Siri. With iOS 8, when your phone is plugged in, you can still use Siri by simply saying, “Hey Siri.” To turn the feature on, go to Settings→General→Siri→Allow “Hey Siri.” If you’ve had a great conversation with Siri, I’d love to hear it below! I never know when I’ll be stuck for hours on end with nothing to do!

What should we not ask Siri?

There are plenty of things you should not be asking Siri. Here are some of them: Don’t ever tell Siri to call your girlfriend/boyfriend in front your current one. Don’t ask Siri to sing a song. She has more excuses than Trump. Never say to Siri – “Hey Cortana ”. The reaction is just priceless.

What are the best Siri replies?

My Siri Don’t Know When Will The World End. View More Replies… What Are You Wearing?

  • Asked Her For Location For A Tj Maxx Home Store. View More Replies…
  • Siri You’re Fucking Useless – There’s No Need For Such Big Words. View More Replies…
  • I Think Siri’s Opinion Of Gay Marriage Is Pretty Clear… Do You Believe In Love?
  • How do I ask Siri questions?

    To enable Type to Siri: Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad. Go to General. Tap on Accessibility. Tap on Siri. Switch the “Type to Siri” toggle to ON state. Now simply hold down the Home button to Trigger Siri and type in your question that you want to ask.

    What should I ask Siri?

    Siri is supposed to do everything a personal assistant would – schedule dates, set reminders, find directions, send messages or make calls. But what differs Siri from a traditional voice recognition software is its intelligence. You can ask Siri whatever you want and get a plausible answer.

    How can I talk to Siri?

    Hold down the Siri button on your Siri Remote, say what you want, then release the Siri button. Siri searches across popular apps, depending on your country or region, then shows your viewing options or the answer to your question. Siri won’t talk to you, so it won’t interrupt what you’re listening to or watching.