What are the best Colombian dishes?

What are the best Colombian dishes?

Drum rolls please for the most popular Colombian foods.

  • Aborrajado. Aborrajado; Photo credit: Youtube.
  • Cholao (Exotic Fruit Salad)
  • Arepa de Huevo (Fried Egg Arepa)
  • Mondongo.
  • Patacones con Hogao (Fried Plantain with Salty Sauce)
  • Fiambre.
  • Chorizo con Arepa (Sausage with Arepa)
  • Natilla y Bueñuelos (Custard and Fried Dough)

What is the food like in Colombia?

These rural asado destinations focus on grilled cuts of beef, pork, and chicken with an imposing spread of Colombian sides: grilled plantains with melted cheese (of course) and strips of bocadillo, arepas, corn on the cob, fried cassava, boiled potatoes, fried chunchullo (intestines), and sausages like chorizo and …

Is Colombian food like Mexican food?

Many people wrongly assume that Colombian food is the same as Mexican food. Colombian dishes often have other spices and herbs such as: cilantro (a true Colombian favorite), parsley, guascas (known as “gallant soldier” or “potato weed”), and chives that add wonderful flavor. …

What do Colombians eat lunch?

Lunch is the most substantial meal in Colombia and often consists of three courses: a soup, a main dish (a meat, rice, and some sort of vegetable—potatoes, salad, plantains, etc.), served with fresh fruit juice and small dessert followed by a tinto (small portion of black coffee).

What kind of rice do Colombians eat?

Plain white rice or Arroz Blanco is the perfect accompaniment to any Colombian meal.

Are tortillas eaten in Colombia?

These are corn tortillas which can be filled with almost anything. They are served at any time and can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner. In some areas of Colombia, tortillas are served roasted with butter, salt, and white cheese.

What does Colombian people like to eat?

Colombian dishes and ingredients vary widely by region. Some of the most common ingredients are: cereals such as rice and maize; tubers such as potato and cassava; assorted legumes; meats, including beef, chicken, pork and goat; fish; and seafood.

What kind of coffee do Colombians drink?

Colombian coffee uses Arabica, generally accepted as the higher-quality coffee bean. The Arabica bean is a bit lighter than the Robusta, so your cup of Colombian coffee will typically be a bit weaker than a cup made from Robusta.

What desserts do Colombians eat?

Six Colombian desserts you have to try

  • Merengón (Meringue) The Colombian meringue is what Colombians call an “addiction”, because once you try it, you’ll eat it again and again.
  • Obleas.
  • Brevas con Arequipe (Figs with Arequipe)
  • Torta de Tres Leches (Triple Milk Cake)
  • Roscón.

What is the most popular food in Colombia?


  • Bandeja Paisa.
  • Mondongo Soup.
  • Ajiaco Soup.
  • Sancocho Soup.
  • Buñuelos.
  • Natilla.
  • Arepas.
  • Pescado Frito (Fried Fish)
  • Cazuela de Mariscos (Seafood Casserole)
  • What food do they eat in Colombia?

    Colombian food is typical of Latin American cuisine as a whole. There is a heavy focus on deep-frying everything. Meats (beef, pork, chicken, fish) are popular, and most dishes are served with rice, beans, or potatoes. Vegetables play a small role, while the variety of fresh tropical fruits available in Colombia is extensive.

    What to eat in Colombia?

    You’ll eat Colombia’s national dish, bandeja paisa, throughout the country. Rice, beans, ground beef or steak, chorizo, chicharrón, arepa, avocado, platano, fried egg, and sometimes morcilla (see below). Any bandeja paisa costing 15,000 pesos will be good.