What are the ingredients of PediaSure?

What are the ingredients of PediaSure?

Corn Syrup, Sugar, Blend of Vegetable Oils (Canola, High Oleic Sunflower, Sunflower), Milk Protein Concentrate, Corn Maltodextrin, Soy Protein Isolate, Short-chain Fructooligosaccharides.

What is PediaSure plus for?

PediaSure Plus is a Complete and Balanced nutrition, clinically proven to provide a hard-to-feed child optimal nutrition for healthy growth, development and immunity.

Is PediaSure Nestle product?

Pediasure Complete Balanced Nutrition to Help Kids Grow Box Nutri… Nestle Ceregrow Multi Grain Cereal with Milk & Fruits (3-6 Years ……

Brand Pediasure
Quantity 200 g
Type Nutrition Drink
Flavor Chocolate
Form Factor Powder

How many times can you give PediaSure?

It is recommended that children aged 1-8 years of age consumer 2 serves of PediaSure per day, while children from 9-10 years of age should consume 2-3 serves per day.

What is pediasure good for?

Pediasure is suitable for extremely picky eaters as well as children who are in need of extra nutrients for growth and development. It has 240 calories, includes the healthy omega-3 fatty acids and prebiotics to encourage growth of healthy bacteria in the intestines.

Is there any caffeine in pediasure drinks?

There is no caffeine in Vanilla, Banana Cream, Berry Cream, or Strawberry PediaSure drinks. Chocolate PediaSure drink is very low in caffeine. It contains approximately 3 mg caffeine in 8 fl oz. (In contrast, brewed coffee contains approximately 100 mg caffeine in 8 fl oz; carbonated beverages contain approximately 50 mg caffeine in 12 fl oz.)

Are We sure that pediasure is gluten-free?

Yes, PediaSure Plus is lactose and gluten free. Still searching? If your question isn’t answered here, call our PediaSure Plus Segurista Mom hotline at (+632) 995-1555 or our toll-free number 1-800-10-995-1555.

What is pediasure made of?

Pediasure is full of highly processed ingredients and is full of sugar. Here are the ingredients in Pediasure: Water, Sugar ( Sucrose ), Corn Maltodextrin , Milk Protein Concentrate, High Oleic Safflower Oil , Soy Oil, Whey Protein Concentrate, Medium-Chain Triglycerides.