What are the schools that are in Union County Mississippi?

What are the schools that are in Union County Mississippi?

Best Public Schools in Union County, MS

  • New Albany High School. New Albany Public Schools.
  • New Albany Elementary School.
  • New Albany Middle School.
  • East Union Attendance Center.
  • Ingomar Attendance Center.
  • Myrtle Attendance Center.
  • New Albany/S.Tippah/Union County Alt.
  • School Of Career And Technical Educational.

What is the smallest school district in Mississippi?

Clay County School District
The Clay County School District was a public school district based in Clay County, Mississippi (USA). An elementary-only district, it was the smallest school district in the state of Mississippi, with a total student enrollment of 173 during the 2006-2007 school year.

What is the largest school district in MS?

Largest School Districts in Mississippi

  • Oxford School District.
  • Hancock County School District.
  • Pearl Public School District.
  • South Panola School District.
  • Mississippi School of the Arts.
  • 2022 Best Public High Schools. 2022 Best Private High Schools.
  • Coast Episcopal School. Private School.
  • St. Andrew’s Episcopal School.

How many school districts are in MS?

162 school districts
The Mississippi public school system (prekindergarten through grade 12) operates within districts governed by locally elected school boards and superintendents. In 2013 Mississippi had 493,650 students enrolled in a total of 1,063 schools in 162 school districts.

How many elementary schools are in Jackson MS?

31 elementary schools
Jackson, Mississippi has about 170,000 residents in an area of 104 square miles. There are 7 high schools, 10 middle schools, 31 elementary schools, and 4 special program schools comprising the District’s 52 school sites.

Where does LAUSD rank in the country?

Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies 2021 Rankings Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies is ranked #190 in the National Rankings. Schools are ranked on their performance on state-required tests, graduation and how well they prepare students for college.

How bad is LAUSD?

The LAUSD has been criticized in the past for extremely crowded schools with large class sizes, high drop-out and expulsion rates, low academic performance in many schools, poor maintenance and incompetent administration. In 2007, LAUSD’s dropout rate was 26 percent for grades 9 through 12.

How many high school students are in Mississippi?

There are 530 high schools in Mississippi, made up of 448 public schools and 82 private schools. Mississippi ranks as the 33rd state in terms of student enrollment and 33rd in terms of total number of schools….Number of Schools in Neighboring States.

Tennessee 1825
Alabama 1335
Mississippi 875
Arkansas 832

How many teachers are in MS?

Percent of teachers by race/ethnicity
State Total number of teachers White, non-Hispanic
Mississippi 37,600 73.3
Missouri 68,700 90.6
Montana 12,400 95.9

Is there a teacher shortage in Mississippi?

The Mississippi Department of Education says there are 3,036 certified teacher vacancies across the state — a staggering figure that shows the extent of the state’s long-standing teacher shortage. There are currently about 32,000 total teachers across the state.