What are the subjects in B Pharmacy 2nd Year?

What are the subjects in B Pharmacy 2nd Year?

B.Pharmacy Subjects List for Semester 2

  • Human Anatomy and Physiology II – Theory.
  • Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry I – Theory.
  • Biochemistry – Theory.
  • Pathophysiology – Theory.
  • Computer Applications in Pharmacy – Theory.
  • Environmental sciences – Theory.
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology II –Practical.

What are the subjects in B Pharm?

B. Pharmacy Theory Subjects

Semester I Semester II
Pharmaceutics-I (General and Dispensing Pharmacy) Pharmaceutics-II (Unit Operations)
Pharmaceutical Analysis-I Organic Chemistry
Inorganic Medicinal Chemistry Computer Applications
Remedial Maths and Biology Human Anatomy Physiology

Is B Pharm a 2 year course?

It is a four-year-long course and is mainly divided into 6-8 semesters, depending upon the coursework and practical sessions. B. Pharma imparts useful knowledge about biochemical science and healthcare business. Students during their coursework have to perform various practicals and experiment.

What are the subjects in B Pharmacy 3rd year?

B Pharmacy Subjects List Third Year

  • Industrial Pharmacy.
  • Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence.
  • Medicinal Chemistry.
  • Herbal Drug Technology.
  • Pharmaceutical Biotechnology.
  • Pharmacology.
  • Medicinal Chemistry.

Is B Pharm a 4 year course?

Bachelor of Pharmacy ( B. Pharma) is a four-year undergraduate program in which students study the methods and process of preparing drugs and how does the dispensing of medicine and drugs take place.

How many books are there in B Pharmacy 1st year?

7 Books
Pharm/Sem I Textbooks (As per PCI: Set of 7 Books) Paperback – 31 May 2017.

How many subjects are there in B Pharma first year?

Subjects for B Pharm 1st year (Semester 1)

Subjects Theory Practical

How many semesters are there in B Pharm?

eight semesters
Duration of the program The course of study for B. Pharm shall extend over a period of eight semesters (four academic years) and six semesters (three academic years) for lateral entry students.

What is the best course after B Pharmacy?

List of Courses after B. Pharmacy

  • MBA in Pharmaceutical Management.
  • M.Pharmacy.
  • Pharm.D.
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Pharmacy practice and Drug store Management.
  • M.Sc in Pharmaceutical Chemistry.
  • Diploma in Clinical Research.
  • Diploma in Drugstore Management.
  • Post Graduation Diploma in Clinical Trial Management.

What are the subjects to study in 2nd year of Pharmacy?

Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry, Physical Pharmaceutics, Medical Chemistry, Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry are some major subjects to study in 2nd year. Download B Pharmacy 2nd year notes pdf which certainly makes you understand the included topics and helps in your final exam preparation.

What is the syllabus of B Pharmacy 1st year?

The major subjects covered in the 1st year of B Pharmacy include: Ques. What is the syllabus of B Pharmacy entrance exams like PUCET? Ans. PUCET Syllabus and subjects cover topics of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. To read an elaborated syllabus, click on PUCET Syllabus. Ques.

What subjects do you need for B Pharmacy?

The major subjects covered in the 1st year of B Pharmacy include: Ques. Is B Pharmacy easy? Ans. Designating a course as easy and difficult is subjective and varies from person to person.

How many semesters are there in an MBA program in pharmacy?

The program is spread over 10 semesters, leading to a post graduate degree in MBA (Pharm. Tech). It is an integrated program specially designed for 10 + 2 students, who wish to develop managerial skills in the Pharmacy stream.