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What battery does a Ford key fob take?

What battery does a Ford key fob take?

The key fob uses one coin-type three-volt lithium battery.

How do I change the battery in my Ford key fob?

Steps to replacing your Ford vehicle’s key FOB’s batteries

  1. Release the key blade. For some models, you will need to manually pull the blade out.
  2. Use a flat screwdriver to pry open the key FOB.
  3. Use the screwdriver to pry out the battery.
  4. Insert a new battery.

Do you need to reprogram a Ford key fob after changing the battery?

No. You do not need to reset or reprogram your key fob after replacing the cell. Your key fob does not use a battery.

How much is a Ford key fob?

If you purchased your Ford from a dealership, you may be able to get replacement keys. When you’ve lost a key, considering getting a replacement and a spare. If you have to pay for replacements, you will spend anywhere from $50 to $250 per item for properly programmed transmitter keys and/or fobs.

How long do Ford key fob batteries last?

between three and four years
As with any battery, the one in your car’s fob or remote will occasionally need to be replaced. Typically, a car fob battery should last between three and four years. Additionally, there are a number of signs that will tell you when your fob battery is dying.

How do I reprogram my Ford key fob?

Step-by-Step Programming Instructions

  1. Shut the car doors, then open the driver-side door. Press the UNLOCK button the driver-side door.
  2. Now, turn the ignition from OFF to RUN 8 times.
  3. Press any button on the Ford remote to program it.
  4. Have more than one key fob?
  5. Lastly, turn the ignition OFF.

How do I replace the battery in my Ford key fob?

Ford Intelligent Key Fob Battery Replacement Turn the remote over and on the rear of the remote press the release button. Remove the plastic cover from the remote. Insert a flat screwdriver into the slot and twist it to open up the remote. Now you should be able to see the two coin cell batteries. Remove the first battery. Change both batteries.

How often should FOB batteries be changed?

Key fob batteries should be replaced every three or four years, although this will vary based on their amount of use and build quality. If your key fob were to suddenly stop working when you’re far from home, you’d wish you had cared for it. Don’t get stranded with a malfunctioning key fob and have to pay for a tow.

How to change the battery in a Ford key fob?

1) Take off the back cover by pushing down the small button at the back of the Ford key fob. 2) In order to open the key fob, use a flat screwdriver and insert it into the end of the key fob. 3) Use the screwdriver to pry out the batteries one at a time. 4) Insert the new batteries in the battery compartment. 5) Grab the cover and realign it with the key fob.

Where to buy key fob battery replacement?

No matter which type you need, you can find a new key fob battery for your car at your local AutoZone.