What bikes work with VZfit?

What bikes work with VZfit?

VZfit can be used with the VZfit Sensor Kit or any Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) cadence or speed sensor, together with any stationary bike. It also supports the original VirZOOM Bike. VZfit apps are only compatible with the Oculus Go, Quest, or Quest 2 VR headsets.

How much does VZfit cost?

Is a membership required? You can have limited game access with a VZfit Free membership, or full game access with a VZfit Premium membership for $9.99/mo after a free 7-day trial. We require you to start the free premium trial which you can then cancel anytime to revert to free membership.

Does VZfit work with peloton?

Definitely works with Peloton. If you want to keep track of the stats for your ride, select the “Just Ride” feature on Peloton before pulling on the headset and riding.

How do you use a VR on an exercise bike?

All you need to do is attach the sensor to one of the pedals on your bike. After connecting HOLOFIT to the sensor over Bluetooth, as soon as you start riding, your workout data is transferred into HOLOFIT.

How do I connect my VZfit?

  1. Create a account and download apps. a.
  2. Run apps to register your sensor. a.
  3. Select Membership. a.
  4. Pair the Button Controller to your Oculus Headset. a.
  5. Attach the Button Controller to the handlebar.
  6. Verify Sensor is ready for use.
  7. Attach Cadence Sensor.
  8. When you need to replace batteries.

What is Holofit?

HOLOFIT is a VR Fitness app that you install on your VR headset. It connects to the fitness machine over Bluetooth which sends your workout data to HOLOFIT. That is how your movements are tracked in virtual reality, perfectly synchronized with what you’re doing on your fitness machine.

How do I cancel my VZfit subscription?

To cancel your subscription to VZfit/VZplay from the Oculus mobile app, open the Oculus mobile app and head over to Settings in the bottom right of the screen. Within Setting, head over to Subscriptions. Locate your Active Subscription. Press Confirm.

How good is FitXR?

Great music. FitXR is the best mix of video gaming and working out that I’ve ever encountered. Many have tried to make a system where you play a video game and get a workout, but the best one I’ve seen is this one, where you basically work out in a virtual gym inside a virtual reality game.

What is a virtual bike ride?

Virtual bike rides place you in front of your home TV, on a static bike or bicycle attached to a trainer. With the help of an intelligent app, you can go on a variety of cycling adventures without leaving the. comfort of your own home, and you get to switch gears on your workout routine too.

Is Holofit any good?

Time Perception 9/10. The Holofit is a blast to use. The environments are gorgeous, packed with incidental details, and fun scripted events and the character models for your avatar are superb, with your entire virtual body rendered.