What caused the NYC blackout of 2003?

What caused the NYC blackout of 2003?

The blackout’s proximate cause was a software bug in the alarm system at the control room of FirstEnergy, an Akron, Ohio–based company, which rendered operators unaware of the need to redistribute load after overloaded transmission lines drooped into foliage.

What were the effects of the Northeast blackout in August 2003 to the NYC area?

The outage stopped trains and elevators, and disrupted everything from cellular telephone service to operations at hospitals to traffic at airports. In New York City, it took more than two hours for passengers to be evacuated from stalled subway trains.

What caused the blackout of 77?

The city that never sleeps came to a halt on July 13 and 14, 1977, after a lightning storm left New York and Westchester County without power for hours before looters and vandals terrorized the streets.

How long did the 2003 blackout last in New York?

Over 50 million people suffered through a brutal heat wave without electricity. The blackout started on Aug. 14, 2003, and lasted days.

How long did the NYC blackout of 1977 last?

The stores were looted during blackout. What is this? Firemen battle flames at a store in the Bronx borough of New York, one of many fires that broke out during the massive power failure that crippled the city for more than 24 hours, seen July 14, 1977. Firemen answered 1,500 alarms, 400 of which were actual fires.

What happened July 13th 1977?

1977: Lightning strikes a Consolidated Edison substation along the Hudson River, tripping two circuit breakers and setting off a chain of events that results in a massive power failure. …

What year was NYC blackout?

July 13, 1977
New York City blackout of 1977/Start dates

What happened during the New York blackout of 2003?

Unlike the blackout of 1977, New York City didn’t descend into crime and looting. In fact, according to NPR, cops reported less crime during the 2003 blackout than during the same period in 2002.

What caused the blackout of 1977?

(A lightning strike to a power substation north of New York City was similarly blamed for the 1977 blackout that plunged nearly the entire city into darkness for 24 hours.)

What was the date of the 2003 Indiana blackout?

The following is the blackout’s sequence of events on August 14, 2003 (times in EDT): 12:15 p.m. Incorrect telemetry data renders inoperative the state estimator, a power flow monitoring tool operated by the Indiana-based Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator (MISO).

How many people were affected by the Ontario blackout?

The outage, which was much more widespread than the Northeast blackout of 1965, affected an estimated 10 million people in southern and central Ontario, and 45 million people in eight U.S. states.