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What climate region is Ecuador in?

What climate region is Ecuador in?

humid tropical climate
Because Ecuador lies on the Equator, most of the country, except the Sierra, experiences a humid tropical climate.

Does Ecuador have different climates?

The climate of Ecuador is tropical and varies with altitude and region, due to differences in elevation and, to a degree, in proximity to the equator.

How many climates does Ecuador have?

Ecuador has two main seasons – the rainy season and the dry season – but this varies greatly due to factors such as altitude and proximity to the equator.

Does Ecuador have 4 seasons?

Because Ecuador is on the equator, its weather is not divided into four seasons like the rest of the world found outside of the tropics.

Does Ecuador have two seasons?

There are only two seasons that Ecuador experiences – Summer extends from June to September and is the dry season; Winter goes from October through May and usually brings with it warmer temperatures, rain showers, and higher humidity.

What is the weather like in Ecuador?

Generally speaking, however, Ecuador has two seasons: a wet season and a dry one. The Coast has an average temperature of 25°C and the period from December to May (winter) is hot and humid. The rest of the year is warm and pleasant. The Andes climate varies according to the altitude: the higher the altitude, the colder it gets.

What do they eat in Atacames Ecuador?

Eating in Atacames. The food served in Atacames is typical for much of the coastal regions of Ecuador. Meals will often consist of shrimp, crab, lobster, and fish. Several of the citizens in Atacames fish, and thus much of the food that is served is fresh.

What is the climate like in the Andes?

The Andes climate varies according to the altitude: the higher the altitude, the colder it gets. The average temperature is 15°C. The Amazon Region is usually hot and humid. The average temperature here is 26°C. The Galapagos Islands have dry and warm pleasant weather.

Where is Atacames located?

Atacames is a beach town located on Ecuador ‘s Northern Pacific coast. It is located in the province of Esmeraldas, approximately 30 kilometers south west from the capital of that province, which is also called Esmeraldas. In 2005 Atacames’s population was 11,251 inhabitants.