What comes after the Water Temple in Ocarina of Time?

What comes after the Water Temple in Ocarina of Time?

After completing the Water Temple, return to Kakariko Village to watch a cutscene and learn a new song from Sheik: the Nocturne of Shadow. Also be sure you’ve learned the Song of Storms from the guy inside the windmill. Note: You have to enter the village through the main entrance to trigger the cutscene.

How do you raise the water level in Ocarina of Time?

Here, you’ll need to stand on a water spout and shoot the diamond switch from the water spout using either arrows or the Hookshot. Go through the door leading back to the central room. Immediately to your right you’ll find another Triforce symbol, this one causing the water level rise completely.

How many Golden Spiders are in Ocarina of Time?

There are 100 gold skulltulas in Ocarina of Time.

How many Gold Skulltulas are there in Ocarina of time?

There are 100 gold skulltulas in Ocarina of Time. Here’s a checklist of all 100 gold skulltulas in the game. The gold skulltulas are listed in the order that you’ll find them in the game if you follow this walkthrough.

How do you get the skulltula in spirit temple?

Gold Skulltula #98 – As an adult in the Spirit Temple, the Skulltula is located in the room with rolling boulders and five silver rupees. Play the Song of Time in front of the Time Block to find the Skulltula hidden right behind.

How to get the gold skulltula in Fortnite?

Use the longshot to get the gold skulltula. 86) B4 – Go to the room that is farthest left on the map. You have to use the boat in order to get to it. There will be three rotating skulls in the center of the room. The gold skulltula is behind them.

How do you save the spiders in Ocarina of time 3DS?

To save them, you have to defeat the 100 Gold Skulltulas scattered all over Hyrule (above and underground) while you’re a kid and an adult. Here are all the spider locations in Ocarina of Time 3DS and the rewards for finding them: Keep your ears open. The spiders make a very distinct sound when they shuffle around.