What do you wear to a signature room?

What do you wear to a signature room?

Dress Code Traditional Upscale; no shorts or athletic wear. Jacket and tie are optional. Ripped or torn jeans are not permitted. Casual dress; no beachwear.

What Tower is Signature Room in?

Experience Chicago’s most breathtaking views with a refreshing cocktail in your hand. Perched on the 96th floor of historic 875 North Michigan Ave—formerly the John Hancock Center—The Signature Lounge is the ideal place to enjoy premium drinks and appetizers in a casual setting with the best sunset in the Windy City.

Who owns the Signature Room?

Rick Roman
Nick Pyknis Co-Owner & President Earlier in his career, Nick spent 14 years in management with the Fine Dining Division of ARAMARK, a position that ultimately introduced he and business partner, Rick Roman, to The Signature Room at the 95th.

How high is the signature room?

When measured to the top of its antenna masts, it stands at 1,500 feet (457 m).

Can you wear jeans to Signature Room?

Ripped or torn jeans are not permitted. Jacket and tie are optional.

Is there a bar at the top of the Willis Tower?

The Signature Lounge | The Signature Room at the 95th® – Chicago, IL. Join us in The Signature Lounge for our specialty cocktails including our Old Fashioned made with Maker’s Mark 46 bourbon, angostura bitters and sugar. Experience absorbing views from the tallest bar in Chicago.

Can you wear jeans to the Signature Room?

Is the John Hancock building free?

What is this? 360 Chicago is the John Hancock enclosed observation floor located on the 94th Floor. Admission is $19 adult, $13 children 3-11 and 2 and under free.

Is there a restaurant at the top of John Hancock building?

Located atop the former John Hancock Center at 875 North Michigan Avenue, The Signature Room at the 95th® offers guests a dining experience with 360-degree unparalleled views of the Chicago skyline.

Can you eat inside in Chicago?

The city of Chicago has announced that any individual 5 years of age or older will be required to show proof that they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to dine indoors, visit gyms, or enjoy entertainment venues where food or drink are being served, effective Monday, January 3.

What is the Signature Room at the 95th?

Located atop the former John Hancock Center, The Signature Room at the 95th® offers Contemporary American fare with sweeping views of Chicago. The elegant wood designs and art-deco interior create an inviting and intimate atmosphere for you and your guests.

What is the Signature Room?

The Signature Room is not just a restaurant, but also an experience. It gives the opportunity to dine and get a view of the city from one of the tallest buildings in Chicago! For those wondering, THAT’s where the premium comes from, not the quality of the food (as respectable as it may be).

What is the difference between the 95th and 96th floor dining?

Dining on the 95th requires a minimum of one main course per person. Watch the city lights glimmer in the night sky from The Signature Lounge® on the 96th floor. In addition to our signature cocktails, we offer a gourmet menu with appetizers, sandwiches, and dessert selections.

Does the Signature Room offer onsite validation for parking?

The Signature Room does not offer onsite validation for parking. The Signature Room at the 95th is located at 875 North Michigan Avenue between Chestnut Street and Delaware Place. The closest El stop is the Red Line at Chicago Avenue.