What does an Academic Senate do?

What does an Academic Senate do?

In the United States of America the academic senate, also known as the faculty senate, is a governing body for a university made up of members of the faculty from various units within the university. The academic senate normally creates university academic policy that applies to the university.

What is the role of a curriculum committee in an academic setting?

The Curriculum Committee shall discuss and recommend proposals affecting the academic program of the College, including but not limited to course proposals, program changes, addition and deletion of programs, degree requirements, and general policies with impact on instruction and learning.

How long does a senator term last?

A senator’s term of office is six years and approximately one-third of the total membership of the Senate is elected every two years.

What is the UC Academic Senate?

The Academic Senate is the voice of the faculty in the University of California. The Senate enables the faculty, through the principle of shared governance , to exercise its right to participate in the University’s decisions. The process requires broad faculty involvement in all of the Senate’s councils and committees.

Who should be on a curriculum committee?

The Curriculum Committee shall be composed of three basic science faculty, four clinical science faculty, one community-based faculty, a medical student representative from each class, the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (Committee Chair), and the Assistant Dean for Curriculum (as an ex officio member).

Who should be on a curriculum development team?

Both teams should include teachers, instructional coaches, assistant principals, principals, district leaders, and representation from any other instructional roles that are common in the district. Educators that work closely with diverse student needs will bring critical perspectives to the process.

What does curriculum office do?

In addition to planning and designing a curriculum, they train school staff to deliver it to students. Curriculum specialists may also collaborate with instructional leaders or reading specialists throughout a district or participate in administrative meetings about improving curriculum components.