What does Cerra stand for?

What does Cerra stand for?

CERRA. International Association for Civil Engineering, Reliability and Risk Analysis.

How much is SC Teaching Fellows scholarship?

The Teaching Fellows program provides up to 200 outstanding South Carolina high school seniors with a $6,000 scholarship/loan each year for up to four years.

What is SC Teaching Fellows?

The mission of the South Carolina Teaching Fellows Program is to recruit talented high school seniors into the teaching profession and to help them develop leadership qualities. Each year, the program provides fellowships to up to 200 high school seniors.

How much is Teaching Fellows?

Covers the cost of six-week summer training program to prepare you for the classroom and year-long certification coursework….Expense Details.

Category Expense Details
Average salary $38,000-$45,000 (varies by location) Most Fellows will receive their first paycheck 2-4 weeks after the first day of school.

How do you qualify for the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship?

General Eligibility Requirements

  1. US Citizen/Legal Permanent Resident*
  2. SC Resident*
  3. No felony convictions.
  4. No second or subsequent alcohol/drug misdemeanors.
  5. Not in default of any state or federal loans.
  6. Enroll in a degree-seeking program at an eligible SC institution.
  7. Must be meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress.

What GPA is required for Palmetto Fellows?

Eligibility Requirements for Entering Freshman Earn a 4.0 Cumulative GPA (based on the S.C. Uniform Grading Policy) Please note that you must apply to be a Palmetto Fellow during your senior year of high school to the SC Commission on Higher Education. Contact your high school guidance counselor for more information.

How much money is Palmetto fellow?

Palmetto Fellows may receive up to $6,700 their freshman year and up to $7,500 for their sophomore, junior and senior years. Half of the Scholarship is awarded in the fall term and half in the spring term. The Scholarship must be applied directly toward the cost of attendance, less any other gift aid received.